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Google Analytics Integration

Easily integrate Google Analytics into your Rank Ranger SEO platform for more detailed reports containing referral traffic and additional data blended inline with your SEO analysis.

You will need to be able to verify that you are the administrator of your domain and that the domain has a valid Google Analytics account in order to connect it with Rank Ranger.  Certain metrics, such as Age & Gender demographics data, are only available for sites that are using Universal Analytics.
Authorize Google Analytics Connection


Authorize Connection to Google Analytics

Integrate Google Analytics with Rank Ranger
  • Open Account Settings > Authorized Connections
  • Click the Add Connection button to expand the option list.
  • Click the Google Analytics button.

Google Analytics integration

Select the Account

If more than one Google account is accessed with the computer or device you're using, then Google will ask you to choose an account.

Select Google account


Rank Ranger requires to view and manage Analytics configuration and reports strictly for the purpose of integrating that data into your Rank Ranger reports.  Review the permissions that need to be granted and click the Allow button if you agree.

Authorize Google Analytics data integration

More Info

Click the i icon to review more information regarding the account permissions. Click the OK button to close the window.

more information about Analytics permissions

Name the Google Analytics Connection

Enter a Connection Name (optional) that will make it easy for users to identify the account it corresponds to and click the Update button.

Edit Google Analytics Connection Name

Connect Campaign to Google Analytics

Google Analytics integration with your rank tracking campaign enables a variety of customizable reports and graphs that can contain blended data.

From the Home screen click the Campaign Settings (gear) icon corresponding to the campaign you want to connect to a Google Analytics account and Profile (i.e., website or custom profiles that have been set up in the Google Analytics account for the site).

In the left menu click Website Analytics.

Google Analytics campaign settings

  • If the screen displays with no options for selecting an Analytics connection, then you need to follow the Authorize Google Analytics instructions above for adding a connection to your account.

Select a Google Analytics Connection Name

Select a Connection Name  (this is the name that was assigned by the person who authorized the connection) for the campaign and click the Connect button.

Selecte an Analytics connection name

Analytics Profile

Select the Analytics Profile that corresponds to the tracked domain and click the Connect button.  Important! The profile is not connected until you click the Connect button.

If the selection list consists of many "All Web Site Data (UA-XXXXXXXX-X)" items and you find this confusing, please refer to the Finding the Correct Google Analytics Profile section below.

Select the website profile

Successful Campaign Connection to Google Analytics

When successfully connected, the Campaign Settings > Website Analytics screen should display both a Google Analytics Connection Name and an Analytics Profile ID

successful Google Analytics connection

Google AdWords Integration


To view AdWords data in Rank Ranger reports, Google Analytics must be configured correctly for the primary domain, and AdWords must be linked to the Google Analytics profile (refer to Link Google Analytics and AdWords).

Find the Correct Google Analytics Profile

Accepting Google's defaults when a website is added to a Google Analytics account causes all Property Names to result in the format

 "All Web Site Data (UA-XXXXXXXX-X)" 

This can make selecting the correct Analytics Profile to connect with Rank Ranger confusing unless you maintain a list of the domains you manage along with their corresponding UA numbers.  

If you do not maintain or have access to such a list, then we recommend changing the Property Name in Google Analytics to something more easily identifiable. Here's how:

  • Log out of Rank Ranger
  • Log in to the Google Analytics account
  • In the top menu click Admin

    Access Google Analytics Admin

  • In the Account menu select the account name that corresponds to the website
  • In the Property menu select the property (e.g., All Web Site Data (UA-xxxxxxx-1) )
  • Click the Property Settings option

    Access Google Analytics Property Settings

  • Change the Property Name field to the domain name or other descriptor that will be easily recognizable

    Change Google Analytics Property Name

  • Click the Save button
  • Log in to Rank Ranger and follow the instructions at the top of this page and when you get to the Analytics Profile Selection, you should see and select your newly named property.

No Profiles Error

After connecting a Google Analytics account to Rank Ranger at the account level, and connecting that to a campaign, if you see the error "Current connection has no profiles", that is an indicator of a failed or revoked authorization, or that the user who tried to make the connection does not have the proper Google Analytics account authorization level. 

Google Analytics Connection with No Profiles

Google Analytics No Profiles

Please confirm that you have connected the correct Analytics account that is used to manage the domain. Then check Google's security screen for all Apps connected to your account - from there you can verify, view authorization information and revoke access when needed. 

You will need to delete the connection from the Account Settings > Authorized Connections screen. Then log into the Google Analytics account that corresponds to the website being tracked and follow the instructions at the top of this page for adding a new connection.  If that does not resolve the issue then you should confirm user account authorization level.

Confirm User Account Authorization

Log in to the Google Analytics account that corresponds to the tracked domain, click Admin and  Property > User Management.

access Google Analytics Admin User management

Confirm User Permissions

Locate the user's email address and confirm that s/he has been given full administrative authorization (i.e., manage, edit, collaborate and read & analyze) because only a Google Analytics account administrator has the permissions required by Google for the authorized connection to Rank Ranger to be completed.

Google Analytics user permissions

Successful Connection Stops Working (no profiles)


Current Connection has no profiles
  • If you successfully connected Google Analytics to a campaign in the past and suddenly reports do not contain data, please check the Campaign Settings > Website Analytics screen.
  • If you are trying to add a new campaign and connect that to an existing authorized connection but are not able to find the site's profile...
If the Campaign Settings > Website Analytics screen is displaying a "Current connection has no profiles" message.
Google Analytics connections with no profiles

Please click this Google Authorized Access link and let us know:
  1. Is Rank Ranger listed (if so, please take and send us a screenshot of that)? 
    If not, then you should first remove any other connections that were authorized and no longer needed (e.g., free trials to various web applications). Then you'll need to delete the old connection in our Authorized Connections screen and create a new one and then add the connection to your campaign.
  2. Is any other application that you previously authorized missing?
  3. Are there any other authorized users on these Google Analytics accounts who might have accidentally revoked access?

Google recently made changes to their token expiration policy and the reasons why an authorized connection to Rank Ranger can expire are:
  1. The user has revoked access.
  2. The token has not been used for six months.
  3. The user account has exceeded a certain number of token requests.
If you haven't revoked the access and because the token is used daily when we pull data into your reports, that only leaves the possibility of #3, the Google Analytics account exceeding "a certain number of token requests".   Google explains in the token expiration section of their developer documentation:
There is currently a limit of 50 refresh tokens per user account per client. If the limit is reached, creating a new token automatically invalidates the oldest token without warning...

There is also a larger limit on the total number of tokens a user account or service account can have across all clients...

If you need to authorize multiple programs, machines, or devices, one workaround is to limit the number of clients that you authorize per user account to 15 or 20. If you are a Google Apps admin, you can create additional admin users and use them to authorize some of the clients.
In plain English:
  • Per client in the first paragraph means per application, such as Rank Ranger, that you (or any other authorized user) may have connected a particular Google Analytics account to.
  • Larger limit in the second paragraph is unfortunately not defined.
  • Across all clients in the second paragraph means the total number of authorized connection tokens to all web applications combined (e.g., integration with Rank Ranger, email marketing campaign tracking, social media tracking, share button tracking, video tracking other than YouTube, etc.)
  • Per user in the third paragraph refers to the authorized users in each Google Analytics account. For example, if 5 people are authorized to make data integration connections between Google Analytics and web applications, and each of them makes multiple connections (possibly during the course of evaluating a variety of apps), it is possible that the total number of tokens exceeds Google's maximum allowed.
Please contact customer service if you need further assistance.

No Data in Analytics Reports

If after successfully connecting a Google Analytics account and confirming that the correct website profile has been connected to the campaign, the reports in our Analytics section do not contain any data, it is possible that there is an issue with the website's Google Analytics tracking code. 

In order for Google to provide us with tracking data, the website must have Google's tracking code inserted correctly inside the Head tags of the pages to be tracked.   Please refer to Google Analytics Help:  Set up Analytics tracking for more information on the tracking code script options, and follow their instructions for checking your web tracking code setup.
If, after confirming that the site does contain valid Google tracking code and it matches the profile selected in the Campaign Website Analytics settings, you still do not see data in our Analytics reports and graphs please log into the Google Analytics account and take a full screenshot of the Audience Overview report (including page header) for the website and send it to customer service and we will further research the issue for you.

Available Third Party Integrations

Google Analytics Reports and Graphs

Authorizing a Google Analytics account connection provides data integration directly into the following Rank Ranger reports and graphs, many of which contain a variety of filter and segment options and can be added to white label client dashboards, web marketing dashboards and automated PDF Reports:


Combined with other Google services

Graphs & Widgets

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