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Google Search Console (Webmaster Tools)

You can connect your campaign to your Google Webmaster Tools / Search Console profile if you'd like to provide us with access to the following data for integration into your reports:
  • Traffic: Search Queries, Links to Your Site, Internal Links
  • Optimization: HTML Improvements, Content Keywords, Structured Data

Please note that there can be a 3 to 5 day delay between the time Google compiles this data and releases it via their API.

Google Webmaster Tools Search Console integration

Authorize Connection to Google Search Console

Integrate Google Search Console with Rank Ranger
  • Open Account Settings > Authorized Connections
  • Click the Add Connection button to expand the option list.
  • Click the Search Console button.

Google Search Console integration

Select the Account

If more than one Google account is accessed with the computer or device you're using, then Google will ask you to choose an account.

Select Google account


Rank Ranger requires to view and manage sites, keywords and messages strictly for the purpose of integrating that data into your reports.  Review the permissions that need to be granted and click the Allow button if you agree.

Authorize Search Analytics data integration

More Info

Click the i icon to review more information regarding the account permissions. Click the OK button to close the window.

more information about Search Console permissions

Name the Search Console Connection

Enter a Connection Name (optional) that will make it easy for users to identify the account it corresponds to and click the Update button.

Edit Connection Name

Connect Campaign to Google Search Console

Search Console integration with your rank tracking campaign enables a variety of search queries reports and tools.

From the Home screen click the Campaign Settings (gear) icon corresponding to the campaign you want to connect to a Google Search Console account and site.

In the left menu click Webmaster Tools
  • If the screen displays with no options for selecting a Search Console, then you need to follow the Authorize Google Search Console instructions above for adding a connection to your account.

    no Search Console connection

Select a Connection Name for the campaign and click the Connect button.

Next, select the Website URL that corresponds to the campaign primary domain and click the Connect button.

select Search Console website

Repeat for each domain in your Search Console account that you want connected to your Rank Ranger account.

Archive Search Console Data

Checking  Enable RangerBot to store your monthly Search Console history in the Historical Data Storage option will cause the following Search Console data to be stored based on calendar months without filters:
  • Daily totals for Clicks, Impressions, CTR and Position
  • Unfiltered Keyword totals for up to 5000 queries
  • Unfiltered Landing Page totals for up to 5000 pages
Data storage begins the month following this option being enabled.

Google Search Console integration

To enable this option account-wide, open the Account > Software Customization > Default Tool Settings screen and expand the Search Console section. Next select the Default Enabled option and click the Save button.

Search Console history

Error: Account Access Already Granted


Search Console Account Access Already Granted

If while attempting to add a new connection you receive a notice indicating that "Access to this account has already been granted", it means that the Search Console account has already been authorized for connection to Rank Ranger.  This can mean that:
  • in your Authorized Connections screen there are multiple Search Console connections and one of them is for the account you're trying to connect
  • a different Rank Ranger account is already connected to that Search Console account (e.g., your company has/had additional Rank Ranger accounts)
  • another user has authorized access to the Search Console account and has connected it to their Rank Ranger account.

Search Console connection exists

You can resolve this by following these steps:
  • Log out of Rank Ranger
  • Log in to the Google Search Console account that you're trying to connect to Rank Ranger
  • Click this Google Authorized Access Verification link to verify whether or not that account already has been authorized for Rank Ranger
    Note: there are two types of authorizations regarding Google, Search Console and Analytics, and they will display separately.

    • If it displays Google Search Console access to Rank Ranger, then there is a different Rank Ranger account already using it.  In this case, we may need your help in determining who else has Owner or Full access to that Search Console account, in order for us to identify which Rank Ranger account it is (e.g., perhaps another company was granted access in the past for the websites in the account).
    • If it does not display a connection to Rank Ranger, then the next step is to verify that the email address you used to log into Search Console has been assigned Owner permissions.

Error: No Sites on Search Console


After connecting a Search Console account to a Campaign (General Settings > Search Console), if you receive a notice indicating that "You have no sites on Search Console", then:
  • the campaign may be connected to an expired Webmaster Tools account, in which case you need to connect to a valid Search Console account (Account Settings > Authorized Connections)
  • the Search Console account that was connected does not contain URLs, in which case you should log into the Search Console account for the domain you are trying to connect and confirm that the correct account was set up in Account Settings.

no sites on search console

Verify Search Console User Permissions

Manage Property

Google requires that connections "must be authorized by an authenticated user who has access to that data".   If the email address that you used to log into Search Console has Owner (or possibly Full) permissions, then you will see a Manage Property button beside each website. Select the Add or remove users option.
verify search console permissions

Users & Property Owners

Confirm that the User email address you are logged into (when making the Rank Ranger connection) has Owner or Full Permission.

verify search console user permissions

Search Console Reports & Graphs

Authorizing a Google Search Console account connection with Rank Ranger integrates referral traffic and search query data directly into the following reports and graphs that can be viewed and added to white label client dashboards, web marketing dashboards and automated PDF Reports:

HTTPS Migration and Search Console Settings

When you migrate your site from HTTP to HTTPS you will need to change your Search Console settings to the https version because Google considers each version of the website (i.e.,,,, etc.) as separate properties. After Google has completed their crawl of the HTTPS, Search Console will stop providing data for the HTTP version and so you will need to disconnect the old HTTP and connect the HTTPS in our Campaign Settings > Webmaster Tools screen for each campaign that is changed.

Update Search Console Settings
After Google completes their crawl of the HTTPS version of the website, open the campaign settings > webmaster tools screen and click the Disconnect button next to the website address.

Disconnect old search console website property

Then select the HTTPS property and click the Connect button.

Campaign Settings > Webmaster Tools

Search Console Archived Data

If you have enabled the Historical Data Storage option prior to changing to HTTPS, that archived Search Console data will remain intact and begin fresh for the new version of the site.

Search Console Crawl Error Export Utility

Export utility provides all "Linked From” data in the Search Console Crawl Errors report including:
  • Page URL
  • Last Crawled
  • First Detected
  • Response Code
  • Platform
  • Category
  • Linked From URL 

Generate a Crawl Errors Report

In Campaign Settings > Webmaster Tools screen scroll to the Crawl Error Report section and click the Generate Report button  

Search Console Crawl Error Export Utility

Report Status: Pending

Immediately after clicking the Generate Report button, the screen displays the status of Pending. It can take 10 minutes to several hours for this report to generate based on the number of requests in the queue and Google's response time. Do not refresh the screen, as that will generate a new request for the same report. We recommend moving on to other tasks and returning to the screen later.

crawl error export pending

Report Status: Ready

When the report generation has been completed, the status displays Ready and you can click the Download button to obtain the zipped CSV file. You can click the Remove button to delete the file, or it will automatically be removed in 7 days.

crawl error export ready

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