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You invest time and money optimizing content for keywords that target your audience, but do you know who your competitors are and how to beat them?
Arm yourself with Rank Ranger's robust competition analysis tools.

Top 20 Organic Competitors

Discover which competitors are successfully ranking in the Top 20 organic search engine results for your keywords. Side-by-side comparison reveals competitor domain, keywords, rank, and keyword search volume.

Top 20 Paid Competitors

Learn from our Top Paid Competitor report which of your keywords your competition is focusing their advertising budget on. Competitor Ad Keywords feature exposes their ad position, average cost per click and search volume, plus their actual AdWords ad content that help them score a top position.

Rank Tracking Reports Competitive View

Already know who your top competitors are?
Track competitor rankings and compare them to yours by selecting the Competitive View filter in your SEO Dashboard , Search Engines, Monthly Snapshot and Daily Snapshot reports or compare a variety of competitive rank metrics in a custom Insight Graph. Our Rank Tracker provides you with critical intelligence about your competitors' SEO activities by monitoring their rankings for your targeted keywords.

SEO Intelligence Search APIs

Get deep competition intelligence with our Rank Top 50 and Rank Top 100 APIs which provide the top 50 or top 100 landing pages ranking for your keyword and include notation of special Search Result Indicators (e.g., site links, video, search box, HTTPS, rating, event, etc.). When tracking Google organic search choose the Google SERP Features add-on to enhance results with Knowledge Panel, Carousel, Featured Snippets, Local Pack, Image blocks, News blocks and Paid Ad data.