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The Complete Rank Tracking Solution for Local SEO

Gives you all the rank tracking tools you need to excel in search engine optimization for local search

Search Engine Localization

Set specific location settings within a country to learn how you’re ranking where your target audience is searching from. Focus on the search results for a particular state, city or zip code. If a client does business in multiple locations, you can track all the locations in one campaign, and then you can analyze how each branch is performing separately or compare their performance side by side.

Local Packs

View local pack ranking in the main rank dashboard even when tracking Google organic rank. Keywords ranking in the local pack get flagged with the local SERP icon and view your rank in the local pack. View today’s SERP snapshot showing all three local pack listings and the snapshot can be saved and sent to clients. Change to competitive view and you’ll see how you fared in the local pack versus your competitors.

Local Finder

Among the over 500 search engines that can be tracked by Rank Ranger, the Local Finder is probably the most essential for professionals working on local SEO. Choose from a variety of reports to track the daily fluctuations of your listing and those of your competitors. Create a colorful Insight Graph to plot your rank in Local Finder and include other KPIs to show how your rank is affecting organic traffic, leads on the website, phone calls and even online revenue.

Google Maps

Set custom locations to zero-in on the local rank you’re interested in. View daily, weekly and monthly snapshots and customize them to focus on what’s important to you. View the overall rank distribution across all your keywords and set up rank alerts to notify you when changes you consider to be significant occur.

Bolster Your Local SEO Efforts

Serving a local SEO clientele requires having the tools and reports that can adapt and customize to the diverse needs of this clientele. Rank Ranger provides you with unique, custom solutions.

Full-Featured Rank Tracker
Track local rank using a large array of customizable rank reports, graphs & widgets and optimization tools
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Mobile & Local Tracking
Our software integrates with the major call tracking services and provides you with many built-in and custom report options
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Backlink Monitoring
Keep track of backlinks with automated updates on their status and using our comprehensive link management system
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Multi-Campaign Reporting
Companies with a large client base can take advantage of multi-campaign, top-tier portfolio reports
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Integrated Yext Reporting

Connect your Yext account and create customized graphs or single metric widgets highlighting data such as Google My Business customer actions, map views and search views as well as other metrics such as Yext Powerlistings and Yelp page views.

Call Tracking Integrations

Connect your account from CallRail or CallTrackingMetrics to allow for advanced call tracking reporting and integrate those reports with your other rank and marketing KPIs to call attention to your Local SEO successes.