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AdWords Campaigns

The AdWords Campaigns analysis report provides data on the performance of Google AdWords campaigns that are connected to the same Google Analytics profile as the domain's campaign in Rank Ranger. A Compare to Past feature allows you to include comparison data for the previous period, same time last year or a custom date range.

Report data can be filtered by Key Metric (sessions, percentage of new sessions, new users, bounce rate, pages per session, etc.), Segment and Goal Conversion type.  Goal Value can be displayed in your choice of world currencies.

Important! To view this report Google Analytics must be configured correctly (please refer to our Google Analytics documentation) for the primary domain. In addition, AdWords must be linked to your Google Analytics profile (refer to Link Google Analytics and AdWords). 

Google AdWords Campaigns Report


Traffic Graph
The traffic graph displays the results associated with the Key Metric you select (e.g., sessions, page views, goal completions, etc.). The orange line represents comparison to the previous period (refer to the Date section in Report Options). 

Google Adwords New Users Graph

Traffic Metric Totals
Enabling the Traffic Metrics Totals option presents Google AdWords campaign number of sessions, the percentage of those sessions that are new visits to the site, the number of new users visiting the site, the bounce rate, the average number of pages visited per session and the average session duration for visits to the site. You can also view the change from a previous time period by selecting the Compare to Past option.

Google Adwords Traffic Metrics

By selecting the Conversions Display Goals option, the AdWords Goal Conversion Rate, Goal Completions and Goal Value for the selected goal (or the total, if All Goals was chosen) can be included in the report.

Adwords Goals

Selecting Ecommerce Transactions in the Conversions Display option, displays the Ecommerce Conversion Rate, Transactions and Revenue instead of the Goal metrics above.

Ecommerce transactions statistics

Traffic Metrics
The Traffic Metrics table displays sessions, percentage of new sessions, new users, bounce rate,  pages per session, average session duration, goal conversion rate, goal completions and goal value per campaign. Note that in the bounce rate column, a lower number indicates a better rate, therefore, the downward arrow is green and represents a positive change.

Google AdWords Traffic Metrics

AdWords Metrics
The AdWords Metrics table displays clicks, impressions, CTR (click through rate), Average CPC (cost per click) and Cost per campaign.

Google AdWords Metrics

AdWords Campaigns with Ecommerce Transaction Data

When the report is filtered by Ecommerce transactions, the AdWords campaign metrics include Ecommerce Conversion Rate, Transactions and Revenue.

AdWords Campaigns Ecommerce Transactions

The tables can also be filtered, which allows the user to narrow down what is shown within the table.

Google AdWords Table Filters

Report Options


Custom Date Range
Select a custom Date Range


  • Click the Calendar icon to select the Report Date range or select a Custom Date Range in the top right toolbar.
  • Check the Compare to Past box if you want to view comparative data, and then select a time period:
    Previous Period: if you select a 3-month date range, the 3-months prior to that period will display as comparative data
    Same Time Last Year: if you select October - December 2014, then the data will be compared to October - December 2013
    Custom Date: allows you to select an arbitrary date range for comparison, e.g. if you  select September - December 2014 as your report date range, and you want to compare the data to January - April 2014, you can select that time period using Custom Date
General Settings

General Settings

  • Enter a report title, if desired
  • Enable Data Source icon(s) if you want Google's logos displayed in the report.

Show or Hide Report Sections

  • Traffic Graph
  • Traffic Metrics Totals
  • Traffic Metrics
  • Adwords Metrics
  • Choose to show or hide Google Algorithm Changes
Google Analytics Key Metric

Select the Google Analytics Key Metric

    Key Metric is reflected in the Graph above
  • Sessions: the period of time a user is actively engaged with your website, app, etc. All usage data (Screen Views, Events, Ecommerce etc.) is associated with a session.
  • Page Views: number of pages views on the site
  • Bounce Rate: the percentage of single entry/exit page visits
  • New Users: the number of first-time users during the selected date range
  • Pages/Session: the average number of pages viewed per session
  • Goal Completions: the total number of all goal completions
  • Clicks: the number of clicks received from your AdWords campaigns
  • Impressions: the number of impressions received for your AdWords keywords on the SERPs
  • CTR: Click Through Rate from your AdWords keywords
  • Avg. CPC: the average cost per click 
  • Cost: the total cost for the keyword/s
Google Analytics Conversions Display Goals

Select Conversions Type

  • Hide Goals
  • All Goals
  • Specific Goals that appear in the list based on the goals you've set in your Google Analytics account.
  • Ecommerce Transactions
Google Analytics Ecommerce Currency

Ecommerce Currency

  • If e-commerce goals are included, you may select from this list of world currencies to display in the report
Google Analytics Segments Filter

Select a Segment

  • Filter by segments created in your Google Analytics account, for example:
    • All Sessions
    • Android Traffic
    • Bounced Sessions
    • Direct Traffic
    • iOS Traffic
    • Made a Purchase
    • Mobile Traffic
    • Multi-Session Users
    • New Users
    • Non-bounce Sessions
    • Non-Converters
    • Organic Traffic
    • Paid Traffic
    • Referral Traffic
    • Search Traffic
    • Sessions with Conversions
Adwords Filter by Campaign

Filter by Adwords Campaign(s)

  • Select which Adwords campaign(s) to show using the tick boxes
Google Analytics Keyword Filter

Filter by Keyword

  • Enter a Keyword if you want to filter the report by a keyword. Enter a plus (+) before positive keywords and minus (-) before negative keywords with a space between each keyword/phrase in the Filter by Keyword field. More information...
Rank Ranger Events and Notes


  • Choose to show or hide notes in the top graph.
Click the Apply Changes button.

use Report PresetsDue to the wide variety of options available in this report, we recommend using Report Presets which allow you to save a personalized version of a report or graph and create additional versions with different metrics, variables, and styles of that report or graph for the same campaign. 

Google Analytics API limits the number of requests from an IP address for a domain each day. If you see a screen in our Analytics section that displays titles but no data, it could be that you/your team have exceeded that threshold by multiple rechecks. Logging in from a different IP address or waiting until the next day should resolve the issue. Please contact us if the issue is not resolved within 24 hours.

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