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Traffic Monthly Snapshot

The Analytics Monthly Snapshot report provides an enhanced analysis of your Google Analytics Visits with a compare to past period feature.

Important! To view this report, Google Analytics must be configured correctly (please refer to our Google Analytics documentation).
Analytics Monthly Snapshot

Report Options

Report Title


  • Select Report From & To Dates
  • Check the Compare to Past box and select a period, if desired.
Report Title

General Options

  • Enter a report title, if desired.
Google Analytics Conversions

Google Analytics Filter by Goals & Conversions

  • E-commerce
  • All Goals
  • Specific Goals that appear in the list based on the goals you've set in your Google Analytics account (items shown here are examples).

Ecommerce Currency:

  • Select from the list of world currencies the one you've set in your Google Analytics account for this domain.
    If the currency you have set up in Google doesn't pass correctly through Google Analytics to Rank Ranger, you can change the currency symbol with this setting.
Select a Search Type

Additional Segment, Search Type & Keyword Filters:

  • Filter by segments created in your Google Analytics account
  • Choose the desired search type:
    • All
    • Organic
    • Paid
    • Organic & Paid
    • Exclude Organic
    • Exclude Paid
  • Enter a Keyword if you want to filter the report by a keyword. Enter a plus (+)  before positive keywords and minus (-) before negative keywords with a space between each keyword/phrase in the Filter by Keyword field.  More information...
Click the Apply Changes button.

Please refer to the Report Toolbar and Track tab sections of Navigating Rank Ranger for additional information regarding report views, data export, adding this report to an existing White Label PDF report and more.

Add to Client Dashboard

Customize Report for Client Dashboard

Client Dashboards display our default report options for each individual report and graph until you modify them. To customize the display of the report, expand the Report Options section, change the settings and click the Apply Changes button.

Then expand Report Options again and hover over the Save icon and select Save as Default for Client Dashboard.

report options

After saving the Client Dashboard default, any changes that you make to the report options will not affect the display in the Client Dashboard unless you overwrite it by following these instructions again.

Enable the Report or Graph to display in the Client Dashboard

Open the Campaign Settings > Client Dashboard screen and check the box corresponding to the report(s) you want displayed in the dashboard, and then click the Save button. 

access permissions to client dashboard

Refer to Client Dashboard Settings documentation for additional instructions for customizing your dashboard.

Google Analytics Reports and Graphs

Authorizing a Google Analytics account connection provides data integration directly into the following Rank Ranger reports and graphs, many of which contain a variety of filter and segment options and can be added to white label client dashboards, web marketing dashboards and automated PDF Reports:


Combined with other Google services

Graphs & Widgets

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