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Google My Business Posts

What are Google Posts

Google Post is a feature that allows businesses to post their content to Google, which helps their business to rank at the search results. Google Posts is fully integrated into the Google My Business platform where local businesses can share announcements, offers, new or popular items, or event details directly with their customers.

The Google Posts report provides a list of 10 latest Google My Business posts with their corresponding images, title/snippet, and the search view count.

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Google My Business Overview report
Located in Reports > Organic Search > Google My Business

Report Screen Shots

Google My Business Dashboard
The first post on the top of the report is the Latest Post available in Google My Business lists, which displays a title, image, description, and the CTA button.
This section can be disabled if the "Latest Post" in the Report Section is switched off.

The Latest Post is followed by the table of 10 latest posts, which includes Post Date, Title/Snippet (the title is displayed if exists in the post, otherwise a snippet is displayed), and the Views.  The Title/Snippet is linked to the Google My Business post. The Google My Business Search Views is the total number of times the post has been seen, therefore it's counted when a post is scrolled into a view.
The columns can be sorted by clicking on them:
Google My Business Dashboard

The table can be filtered as follows: 
Google My Business Dashboard

Report Options

report date range

Display Settings

  • Custom Report Title: (optional) enter a title to display at the top of this report. 
  • Display or Hide any of the report sections that are detailed further up in this document
    • Latest Post: Show/Hide a single latest post displayed above the table
    • Latest Posts Table: Show/Hide the table of  10 latest posts
    • Search Views:  Show/Hide the last column of the table where the Search View count is displayed
Click the Apply Changes button after each change.

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