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Free SEO Tools By Rank Ranger

Rank Ranger has dedicated itself to helping SEOs at every level succeed. Over the years, we’ve created a series of free SEO tools to help you drive your success in optimizing your site for search engines.

We hope you find these tools helpful!

Track SERP Feature Trends

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Desktop SERP Feature Tracker

The SERP Feature Tracker provides you with trends and insights on Google’s desktop SERP features. Utilizing the tool can result in a strong understanding of the trends and data trajectories of important SERP features such as Featured Snippets, Direct Answers, Local Packs, etc.

If you're unfamiliar with SERP features, check out our SERP Features Visual Guide.

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Mobile SERP Feature Tracker

The Mobile SERP Feature Tracker brings you the trends and insights on Google’s mobile SERP features. Like its desktop counterpart, the Mobile SERP Feature Tracker outlines a given feature’s 30-day trends and trajectory. While the mobile version of the tool provides data on features that are present across all the devices it also provides insights into mobile-specific elements such as AMP and Rich Cards.

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Track AMP on SERP

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Mobile Pages on
Google SERP Tracker

Google, via the AMP Project, has made a strong move to set the standard for fast loading pages so as to foster a mobile-friendly web. The AMP on Google Tracker shows you the levels of AMP pages ranking on page one of the SERP. Accordingly, the tool allows you to see the percentage of page one SERPs that contain at least one AMP result along with the average number of AMP results on the page. With this, you can easily track increases/decreases in AMP’s prevalence on the SERP and more.

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Create Schema Markup

Schema Markup Generator Icon

The Schema Markup Generator

Structured data makes it easier for Google to understand the context of a web page and export information from a page to the search results. Currently, Google supports all sorts of schemas that allow sites to appear with product info, reviews, etc. within their organic listing. The Schema Markup Generator is a free SEO tool to create JSON-LD markup based on the “” structure. Using the Schema Markup Generator allows you to create schema markup code in just a few clicks. No coding knowledge required!

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Discover the Top Sites on the Web

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The Top Websites by Organic Rank

Discover the web ranking of the top sites on the web and see their organic traffic and traffic cost. Observe the web ranking increase/decrease of the top sites on the web from the prior month. You can also use the tool to access your site’s web ranking and compare it to your competitors’ rankings as well.

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Optimize Google SEO Meta Tags

SERPulator Icon

SERPulator: Simulate Your Meta Tags Snippets

Having the right meta title and description is a foundational part of what is considered to be best SEO practice. With the SERPulator, you can plug in your new meta titles and descriptions to ensure they won’t be truncated. Further, you can fetch the meta title and description for any web page allowing you to see what the current copy looks like.

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Monitor Rank Fluctuations on the Google SERP

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The Rank Risk Index

Google updates its algorithm all the time to give its users the best results. These updates bring with them increased rank fluctuations. The Rank Risk Index tracks rank volatility so as to indicate the roll-out of a Google update as well as its overall impact on SERP rankings.

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Analyze Competitive Website Statistics

Site Explorer Icon

Site Explorer

The Site Explorer helps you discover your competitor’s top organic and paid keywords. Moreover, the Site Explorer helps you identify a site’s competitors along with their content overlap. Use the Site Explorer as a foundation towards analyzing the competitive threat facing any site.

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Find High-Volume Keywords

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Keyword Finder

Free access to our Keyword Finder offers you an initial purview of relevant keywords and topics to help you start the keyword research process. To this, Keyword Finder presents you with a top-level look at the potency of a topic or keyword via aggregate data on search traffic, cost-per-click, etc. Further, the tool presents you with the opportunity to refine your research via the use of an extensive array of filters.

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Generate UTM Tracking Code

UTM Code Builder Icon

UTM Code Builder

Urchin Tracking Module parameters (UTM) are an important part of tracking your traffic sources. Adding UTM parameters to a URL is particularly helpful when attempting to monitor the effectiveness of social media campaigns and the like. The UTM code builder is a tool that enables you to create custom URLs to track the traffic produced by your marketing campaigns. Simply fill out a few fields and the tool will generate your UTM URL in a matter of moments!

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