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SEO Visibility

Daily keyword rank position combined with average search volume help define a website's visibility and the potential for click-thru site traffic. Our proprietary visibility algorithm conveniently calculates website visibility scores for tracked sites.

Visually compare competitors' SEO visibility with your tracked site in the colorful Visibility Graph that also provides options for display of Google Algorithm Changes, Events and Notes.

Insight Graph

Craft a custom graph that includes multiple inbound marketing channels. Blend metrics & KPIs from search engines, Google Analytics, Ads, Search Console and your favorite social media networks.
Insight Graph

SEO Widgets

Showcase rank performance, traffic, demographics and Ads data in a colorful graphic presentation to enhance rank and traffic reports or as stand-alone graphs for use in branded Client Dashboards and scheduled PDF reports.

Keyword Performance Widget provides a summary of keyword change, pie chart of SERP positions and a chart of rank position gain & loss.

Analytics Overview Widget makes a colorful presentation of traffic trend, a breakdown of top referral channels and an overview of device type.

Analytics Demographics Widget delivers location, age and gender traffic data.

Organic Page Count Widget trends the organic traffic and number of unique landing pages over a 12 month period.

Ads Overview Widget presents transactions or conversions in a colorful graph comparing ad clicks to goal completions, and a summary of sessions, ad cost, clicks, number of conversions, conversion rate and goal value.

Performance Summary Widget combines Rank Distribution by search engine, Visibility Score and Traffic trend graphs.


SEO Widgets

Rank Distribution

Graph daily rank distribution or monthly keyword performance filtered by all or tagged keywords, search engines and rank positions.

Monthly Snapshot

Analyze keyword rank progress with our Monthly Snapshot Graph choosing rank or average rank by month, over a specific period of time.
Filter by domain, search engines, specific keywords or keyword tag groups.