UTM Tracking Code Builder

What is UTM?

UTM is an acronym for Urchin Tracking Module, which allows for code to be added to the end of a URL enabling Google Analytics tracking of website traffic sources at a granular level. Identifying the most efficient and cost effective traffic source can help you optimize your online marketing strategy. Our free UTM tool helps you easily create the links you need to achieve truly measurable marketing campaign performance reports.

Generate Custom UTM Code

Your custom URL with UTM code is generated on-the-fly as you complete this form. Simply click the Copy button at the bottom and use the link for your marketing campaign.

Best Practices for Structuring UTM links

Understanding the purpose of each tracking parameter can help you build UTM links that are easy to identify in campaign performance reports (If you are using the Rank Ranger platform you can create user-friendly tags to better track your Google Analytics performance, Learn how). Below is a listing of each parameter:

  • Website URL*: This is the target destination/the site that the link refers traffic to.
  • Campaign Source (UTM_source)*: A reference to where the link is placed for a potential visitor to click and be transported to your website (examples include a newsletter, Google ad, Facebook page, LinkedIn ad, blog site, etc.)
  • Campaign Medium (UTM_medium)*: The channel of communication used for the link to your website (e.g., email, banner, CPC, social)
  • Campaign Name (UTM_campaign)*: The name of the marketing campaign you’re running (e.g., custom_marketing_templates)
  • Campaign Term (UTM_term): Optional parameter that can be used to make the link specific to a keyword (e.g., for differentiation when running paid search ads)
  • Campaign Content (UTM_content): An optional parameter used for tracking A/B test variants
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When running online marketing campaigns it's important that you establish consistent standards for reporting purposes. Consequently, a few things to keep in mind when building UTM links for multiple campaigns are:

  • UTM parameters can not contain spaces between words. We recommend using underscores (e.g., custom_marketing_templates)
  • UTM parameters are case sensitive. We recommend that you decide on a standard and be consistent (e.g., ABC_TRAVEL vs abc_travel)
  • Though they may be optional, Blank fields diminish the accurate tracking and recording of campaign links in Google Analytics reports.