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All the Essential Rank Data in One Dashboard

Rank Ranger's SEO Dashboard lets search marketers customize their inbound marketing results all in one report with more than 40 metrics, SERP snapshots, colorful widgets, multi-metric graphs and custom filters.

Personalized SEO Dashboard

From adding your own custom report title to selecting columns to display, rank data filters, single domain vs. rank competition view, and topping it off with an SEO performance widget, your SEO Dashboard is fully customizable, limited only by your imagination and creativity.

SERP Feature Galore

Increase the footprint of your website's search results by optimizing for SERP features. Our SEO Dashboard displays your SERP feature scorings daily so that you can monitor the success of your efforts. Apply filters to zero in on results that have a specific set of SERP features that interest you.

Daily SERP Snapshot

Take advantage of the dashboard's SERP Snapshot feature which displays the Top 10 organic results, all the organic SERP features (AMP, Ratings, Sitelinks, Phone, etc), and page-level SERP features such as Ads, Related Search phrases, Knowledge Panels and Local Panel.

SEO & Traffic Widgets

Choose from a selection of colorful metric widgets that present campaign rank and traffic performance in an eye-catching, summary-level format:

Available widgets:
  • Keyword Performance
  • Analytics Overview
  • Analytics Demographics
  • Organic Page Count
  • Rank, Visibility & Traffic

Performance Graphs

There's only so much data that can be packed into a two dimensional dashboard. That’s why our SEO Dashboard lets you to drill down into deeper levels of data for each keyword with three Performance Graphs

Rank / Visibility Graph

Examine a keyword's rank over time versus the overall organic visibility of the website. Does the keyword's fluctuation correlate with the overall website or is it on its own trajectory?
Rank and Visibility Graph

Landing Pages Graph

Take a quick ultrasound of your landing pages to see if you have "twins", i.e. two landing pages competing for the same keyword. If that’s the case, take quick action to remedy the issue.
Landing Pages Graph

SEO Monitor

Get a complete graphic snapshot of what’s happening on the SERP for any keyword and gain access to inside intelligence by seeing what your competitors are doing with their metadata.
SEO Monitor

Custom Views - You Decide What to Display

Custom Views

Advanced Filters

Choose from a powerful set of filters and sorting features. Focus on subsets of your rank data to facilitate analysis or customize reports. Take a look at all your keywords that rank on page 2, or maybe just those in the top 10, or the ones with negative change. All that, and much more, is possible using filters.

Filter based on:
  • Top 10 to Top 100 results
  • Keywords
  • Keyword Tags
  • Domains
  • Search Engines
  • Type of Rank Change

Display Options

The SEO Dashboard is both feature-packed and flexible. Choose from a large array of metrics. Decide which metrics to display at any given time.

Display Metrics & Features:
  • Search Engine
  • Domain URL
  • URL Tags
  • Targeted URL
  • Landing Page
  • Landing Page Social Signals
  • Brand Impact Color
  • Algorithm Change
  • SERP Icons
  • Baseline Rank
  • Best Rank
  • Daily Rank Change
  • Weekly Rank Change
  • Monthly Rank Change
  • Overall Rank Change
  • SERP Snapshot
  • Keywords
  • Keyword Tags
  • Search Volume
  • Average CPC
  • PPC Competition
  • Keyword Difficulty

Detailed Competitor Insights

Get some perspective on your rank performance by switching the dashboard to competitive view. Compare how your website is ranking versus the competition across the entire range of metrics and SERP features to get the full competitive picture.

Some of the highlights:
  • Daily, weekly monthly rank changes
  • Competitor landing pages
  • SERP features for all keywords
  • Competitors' best rank, baseline rank & overall change
  • Social media signals for competitor landing pages
Detailed Competitor Insights

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Custom Views