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Google My Business Media

What is Google Media

There are several types of media that can be added to Google My Business Listings: Logo, Cover image to set on the top of the profile, and additional media in order to highlight features of the business for the customer to consider when making a decision. The media can include either images or videos. There are category-specific media: exterior photos, interior photos, product photos, photos at work, food and drink photos, common areas, rooms, and team photos.

The Google My Business Media report provides a list of the latest Google My Business images or videos and the total number of media on the top of the report.

Integrate your Google My Business account with Rank Ranger to view and share this report in white label dashboards and PDF reports.

Google My Business Overview report
Located in Reports > Organic Search > Google My Business

Report Screen Shots

Google My Business Dashboard
The top of the report displays the total number of media existing in the Google my Business listings.

The Total number is followed by the list of images/videos retrieved from the Google My Business account integrated into the campaign. The number of images displayed depends on the number of the results specified in the Display Settings of the Report Options. 

Report Options

report date range

Display Settings

  • Custom Report Title: (optional) enter a title to display at the top of this report. 
  • Totals: Show/Hide a total number of media images/videos available
  • Limit Results:  Select the number of media results to display in the report
Click the Apply Changes button after each change.

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