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Google Analytics 4 Properties Partial Release

What is Google Analytics 4?

Google Analytics 4 Property is the newest version of Google Analytics that is now partially supported by Rank Ranger Reporting. The development is currently in progress however, GA4 API is not fully ready to replace the current GA3 (Universal) API and we are waiting for Google's future updates.

What is required? 

To have the Google Analytics 4 Properties working correctly make sure that you

  • Add a Google Analytics connection via Rank Ranger Authorized Connection wizard.

    If the Google Analytics connection already exists
    • Go back to the Authorized Connection wizard and click on Renew button

      Google Analytics Renew
    • Or remove and add the connection anew

  • While connecting to your Google Analytics Account click Allow for the Rank Ranger to have access to your account
    Authorize Google Analytics data integration

What is available?

Once you successfully added Google Analytics with GA4 properties to your Rank Ranger account and linked an appropriate campaign to the corresponding property for the tracked domain, some of the reports are already available for this integration, while other reports are still in the development process.

Reports Currently Available
  • Traffic Summary
  • Traffic Source
  • Monthly Snapshot
  • Geo Locations / Region / City
  • Conversions
  • Landing Pages
  • Top Traffic Keywords
  • Ecommerce Product List
  • Insight Graph
  • Metric Widget
  • Widget Chart/List
Note: Segments and GoogleAds are not available in the current Google Analytics 4 version of the API. GA4 API has a different structure and logic for the Custom Filters and is different from Universal Analytics. 

Custom Filter Example:


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