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YouTube Analytics Integration

Integrate your YouTube account with Rank Ranger for enhanced YouTube Analytics reports that can be viewed in our marketing platform, white label client dashboards and automatically sent in white label PDF format to your clients and managers.

Authorization is quickest if you are logged into your YouTube account in another tab/window prior to connecting the account to Rank Ranger.

In addition to YouTube's channel performance data, you may also create rank tracking campaigns for YouTube videos.

Authorized Connections YouTube Analytics Integration

Authorize YouTube Connection

Log in to your YouTube account.

Log in to Rank Ranger and access Account Settings > Authorized Connections

navigate to Authorized Connections

If no connections have been previously added to your account, you will see a blank Manage Connections table.
Authorized Connections New Account

Add Authorized Connection

  • Click the Add Connection button to expand the option list.
  • Click the YouTube button.
Add authorized YouTube connection

Select the Account

If more than one Google YouTube account is accessed with the computer or device you're using, then Google will ask you to choose an account.

Select the Google Account

Authorize Rank Ranger YouTube App: Permissions

In order to provide you with YouTube Analytics reports and tools, Rank Ranger requires your authorization to view YouTube reports for your channels and videos, playlists, and activity for display in your social analytics reports in our marketing platform.

Authorize Rank Ranger YouTube App

More info

Click the "i" icon to review more information regarding the account permissions.  Click the OK button to close the window. 

YouTube Permissions

Name Your YouTube Connection

You can add as many YouTube accounts to Rank Ranger as you'd like, so we recommend that you name each connection for easy identification when connecting to rank tracking campaigns.

Name your YouTube Connection

Learn more about managing your Authorized Connections.

Connect YouTube Analytics to a Campaign

Integrate Campaign with YouTube

After authorizing integration of your YouTube account to our app, you need to connect a YouTube profile with a rank tracking campaign.
  • On the Home Campaigns screen, click the gear icon corresponding to the campaign to open Campaign Settings
  • Scroll down and select Social Analytics in the sidebar
  • In the Select Connection Name for YouTube field, click the down arrow and select the appropriate account.
  • Click the Connect button.

Connect YouTube to rank tracking campaign

YouTube Connection Successful

When the connection is successful, you will see the YouTube account avatar and name (if you don't then you need to click the Connect button). 

YouTube Connection Successful

To switch to a different YouTube account, click the Disconnect link and repeat the campaign connection. 

Click the View Report link to launch the YouTube Channel Analytics Dashboard. When available, you'll find additional YouTube reports and tools in the left sidebar of the Reports & Tools > Digital Marketing > Social Media screen.

YouTube Analytics Dashboard

This is a sample, learn how to create a YouTube Channel Analytics Dashboard for your channel.

YouTube Analytics Dashboard

Create a YouTube Insight Graph

YouTube Analytics

After integrating your YouTube account with Rank Ranger, you can view and share the data in our YouTube Analytics Dashboard or add metrics to an Insight Graph or Single Metric Widgets.

Available Insight Graph Metrics

YouTube metrics

  • Comments
  • Dislikes
  • Earnings
  • Estimated Minutes Watched
  • Favorites Added
  • Favorites Removed
  • Likes
  • Shares
  • Views
  • Subscribers Gained
  • Subscribers Lost
Traffic Source filters include:
  • Advertisement
  • External App
  • External Website
  • YouTube Annotation
  • Google Search
  • YouTube Playlists
  • YouTube Suggested Video
  • YouTube Channel Page
  • YouTube Search

YouTube Video Views Traffic Source Example

YouTube insight graph

Available Third Party Integrations

Third Party data can be used to create individual or blended metrics Insight Graphs and Single Metric Widgets and is also available in a wide variety of reports.
Authorize these Connections for comprehensive marketing reports and graphs: See a list of the available Third Party connections in the below "Related" section.

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