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How can I change my username?

Account Owner Username

account owner login
If you wish to change your company's username, please contact us with the username that you'd like and we will confirm whether or not it is available. If it's available, we will be happy to change it for you.

Please be advised that the account username is used by all authorized account users, and therefore, all users should be notified of the change in their login credentials.

Authorized User / Team Member

Team member login
If you are an authorized account user and wish to change your username, please contact the person who is the administrator of your Rank Ranger account to request the change.   If you only wish to change your display name, email address, phone number, or password, please access your Personal Settings screen.

Account administrators, may access the Manage Users > User Details screen and make changes as requested. If a username already exists in the account, then a different name will need to be chosen.

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