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Account Overview

The Account Settings section of Rank Ranger is your hub for managing everything from login details to localization and preferences (global account settings), logos, custom domain, packages, API keys, Apps, third-party authorized connections, sub-users, billing details and even your blogger profile if you're a guest author on the Rank Ranger blog.

Account Settings > Account Overview

Account Overview

Account Owner, Activity & Usage
View account owner username, full name of account owner, account email address, email confirmation*, sign-in activity and usage vs. account capacity (number of campaigns, keywords, managed links, users and scheduled PDF reports).

*The Email Confirmed field must indicate "Yes" in order for you to receive important messages from us regarding platform maintenance & updates and new features.

On main navigation menu hover over Account Settings > Account Overview.

Account Overview Screen

Account Login Details


The account owner, and users assigned with Account Settings permissions, can change the account email address and/or password on the Login Details screen.  Click the person icon in the upper right of the screen and select Change Password.

If you are not logged in and forget your password, refer to our Password Recovery instructions.

Account Login Details Screen

Manage Users


Grant access and permissions to multiple account sub-users (e.g., co-workers, employees and contractors) for a variety of functions in your Rank Ranger account. Refer to our Manage Users documentation for permissions options and instructions. 

Manage account Sub-Users

Activity Log

Enterprise Feature

If you have an Enterprise package with the Activity Log feature enabled, then you will also find a My Account menu item for your account Activity Log, detailing user login times and additions/deletions of keywords, search engines and/or campaigns.  The Activities Log can be filtered by user and activity type, and also exported by clicking the CSV download button.
Account Activities Log

Example of Activities Log CSV Export file
Activities Log Export

System Messages

System Messages   
System messages notify users of updates to our software, including new reports, graphs, tools and features. They can be accessed by clicking the bell in the upper right toolbar, or by accessing Account Settings (requires user permissions). Functions:
  • View All opens the full System Messages screen
  • Screen icon launches a screenshot of the new report or graph
  • Learn more opens a new tab with either documentation or a more detailed article about the item
  • View takes you to the report, graph or feature screen in the user interface 
  • Dismiss marks the item as read

System Notifications

Customization: Account Logos


Your account logo displays in White Label Marketing Dashboards, Client Dashboards and PDF reports, and reports exported from the user interface, by default.  Refer to our Account Logos documentation for instructions on the multiple options available for placing logos on your reports.

Account Logos

Theme & Localization


Configure global account default settings including user interface color scheme, language, date format, number of table rows to display, and format for non-ranking keyword data in the Account Localization & Preferences screen.

Account Localization & Preferences

Custom Domain


You can use your own custom domain instead of our domain for your client dashboards. Refer to our Custom Domain documentation for instructions. 

Account Custom Domain Settings

Billing: My Packages 

View Package Status, Change, Cancel, or Add Packages
View subscription information, campaign and keyword capacity in the My Packages screen (refer to Understanding Package Capacity for more information). You can also transfer Campaigns and Keywords between packages using the links on this screen. 

Account Packages Screen

Add Packages

Rank Ranger supports multiple packages in one account to make it easy for you to scale up as your business grows. You can add new packages to your account whenever you choose - simply select a package from the list or scroll down the screen and request a custom package.  For more information regarding packages, campaigns and profiles please refer to Account Hierarchy Explained.

Add a New Package to your account

Build Your Own Scalable Package

If you want to upgrade to a larger package or combine 2 or more packages into one, please complete the form at the bottom of the Add New Package screen and click the Request Price button.

Company Details


Keep your account contact information up-to-date on this screen located in the Account Settings > Billing section. 

Company Details


Paid Invoice history and details are available for viewing via this screen. Additional instructions are available in our View Invoices documentation.

Account Invoices

API & Connected Applications


If your Rank Ranger account has API access, you can generate API keys on the API & Connected Applications screen. You can also add connections for the Android & Apple Rank Tracker Mobile Apps, and the Link Tracker Chrome Extension on this screen.

Rank Tracker API
Instructions on how to obtain and use an API Key can be reviewed in our API Overview documentation.

Connections - API Keys

Rank Ranger Mobile App


Each time a new mobile device is connected to your account via our mobile app, a key is generated automatically. You can revoke access for any device on this screen.  More information is available in our Google Play Store Android App post.

Rank Tracker Mobile App Connected Devices

Effective June 2019: Rank Tracker App for iPhone & iPad has been deprecated.

Link Tracker Chrome Extension


You can generate or delete keys for multiple users of our Link Tracker Chrome Extension on this screen. Instructions on how to obtain and use this app can be found in our Link Tracker Chrome Extension documentation.

Link Tracker Chrome Extension

Authorized Connections

Account level connections to a wide variety of data sources including Google Analytics, Search Console, YouTube, Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and more, can be made from this screen. Once the connection is confirmed, follow the instructions in our documentation for completing the integration.

Add Google Analytics, Webmaster Tools, YouTube and Facebook Authorized Connections


Blogger Profile Information
If you're a full-time professional blogger or an SEO expert with something important to share with our audience, you can create a blogger profile and submit an article for publication in the Rank Ranger blog. Review our Guest Post Blog Guidelines and create your blogger profile on this screen (all fields including an 80 x80 pixel bio photo must be completed prior to publication, with the exception of the links section at the bottom). Your profile will be reviewed by an editor and Bio URL created after we have received and approved your first article.

Account Blogger Profile Information

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