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Add & Manage Account Users

Grant access and permissions to multiple account users (e.g., co-workers, employees, and contractors) for a variety of functions in your Rank Ranger account including managing rank tracking campaigns, links, dashboards, white-label PDF reports, profiles, and more. The number of users allowed per account is dependent upon the package you subscribe to, if you need to add more users, please contact customer service.

When you create additional user accounts, they are in essence sub-users of your account and by default have full access. You need to specify which permissions you want to grant to each user if you don't want them to have full access to account settings and information.  Sub-users must be issued unique usernames (e.g., the account should not have a sub-user with the same username as the account owner).

Best Practice: We recommend creating an individual sub-user for every person who is granted access to the account, rather than creating team logins. Creating individual users can prevent the possibility of a person deleting a campaign, or changing the team password without informing other team members. 

Users can personalize settings by updating contact details and adding an avatar, but most importantly, providing each user with a login enables personalized email notifications.  When an authorized user logs in and accesses the Email Notifications screen, they are able to create notifications that will be sent to their email address. If everyone uses the account default login, email notifications are only sent to the account owner's email address.

For client access to reports we recommend granting secure access to a Client Dashboard (very similar to design of the reporting user interface) or Marketing Dashboard branded with your logo.

Manage Sub-users

Video: How to Add & Manage Account Users


Manage Users Screen

Add and Manage Users

To access the Manage Users screen, click on User Profile & Subscription > Manage Users in the menu.

On this screen you can click the:
  • Manage User Types button to create permissions based on job type 
  • Add User button, edit icon (pencil), or delete icon to manage individual account users  
You can also see a list of user ID numbers that are needed for creating campaigns in bulk, creating custom views, etc.

access the manage users screen

Manage User Types

Add, Rename or Delete Subuser Permission Types

User Types can be defined for quick permissions selection in individual user screens. Click the Manage User Types button.

Manage User Types

Default Subuser Types Templates

For your convenience, we have created default sub-user types templates that you can use as-is, modify or delete as needed. If you make changes to a template that has already been applied to a user, that will not automatically change the user's permissions.  The easiest way to update existing sub-users is to update a Subuser Type (or create a new one), and then open each sub-user screen and select the Subuser Type you want for that user and click the Save button.

default subuser types

Team Member Permissions

Below is an example of the default permissions set for a role we've defined as a Team Member.  Users with User Profile & Subscription > Manage Users permissions have the ability to perform the following actions:
  • Save: select a default or custom sub-user type, make changes to the permissions by adding or removing checking the permission boxes, and click the Save button.   
  • Rename: select any subuser type in the list and change its name.
  • Save as: select any subuser type in the list and save it as a new subuser type (i.e., duplicate an existing type and create a new one by modifying the permissions).
  • Delete: permanently delete a sub-user type.

Team Member Permissions

Default Subuser Types

This table details the system default Subuser Types. The definition and permissions of sub-user types can be modified by following the instructions in the Manage User Types section above.

Permissions Account Owner Accounting Team Manager Team Member Team Member - API Only
Account Settings
Account Overview
Account Logo(s)
Activity Log
API & Connected Apps
Authorized Connections
Blog Profile Information
Company Details
Custom Domain
Default Tool Settings
Login Details
Manage Users
My Packages
Theme & Customization
Transfer Campaigns
Email Notifications
Tag Manager
White Label
Manage PDF Reports
API Console
Campaign Settings & Reports
Campaigns Home Screen
Create & Edit Campaigns
Access Rank Tracker Settings
Access Integrations Settings
Access White Label Settings
Access Enterprise Settings
Delete Campaigns
Delete Search Engines
Delete Keywords
Delete or overwrite Keyword data (e.g., search volume, tags, target URLs)
Delete Websites
Delete Landing Pages
Delete Brand URLs
View Reports
Link Manager
Link Manager
Manage Account-wide Links
View Link Management Reports
Export Links
Campaign (Common)
Manage Contacts
Export Contacts
Manage Profiles

Add User

Add New Account User
Click the Add User button

add user

User Details

Enter the new user's:
  • Full Name as you want it displayed in selection lists, such as Campaign Manager (refer to image on the right)
  • Team Member Username
  • Team Member Password (click on the eye icon to show or on the copy icon to copy the password)
  • Email Address
  • Phone (optional)
  • Notes (optional)
Click the Save button.

User Details

When logged into a sub-user account, the user can access their Personal Settings and upload an avatar (optional):
  • Format: JPG, GIF, or PNG
  • File size limit: 100KB
  • File resolution: 80 (h) x 80 (w) pixels

Set User Permissions

User permissions type

Subuser Type 

  • Select a subuser type to quickly load a permission profile, or select individual settings detailed below.
User account settings

Account Settings

  • Account Overview: Allows user to view account status. Learn more...
  • Account Logo(s): Allows user to add, edit, and delete account logo and logos used for white label PDF reports. Learn more... 
  • Activity Log (Enterprise Only): Allows user to view and export user activity log. Learn more...
  • API & Connected Apps: Allows user to generate, edit, and delete API Keys, and view or remove connected devices. Learn more...
  • Authorized Connections: Allows user to add, edit or delete third party integrations. Learn more...  
  • Blog Profile Information: Allows user to manage the company's blogger profile. Learn more... 
  • Company Details: Allows user to add, edit, or delete company billing details that are printed on invoices. Learn more... 
  • Custom Domain: Allows user to manage the company's custom domain. Learn more... 
  • Default Tool Settings: Allows user to add, edit, and delete account-wide default settings for PDF Reports, Client Dashboards, Link Manager, Tag Manager, and Custom SEO Metric. Learn more... 
  • Invoices: Allows user to view, print and download account invoices.  Learn more... 
  • Login Details: Allows user to change the account email address and password.  Learn more...
  • Manage Users: Allows user to add users, and establish permissions for each.  Learn more... 
  • My Packages: Allows user to view the account package(s) capacity, payment method, monthly fee, transfer campaigns to a different package and keywords to a different campaign, and request a package upgrade. Learn more... 
  • Theme & Customization: Allows user to change the account default colors, font, language, date format, etc.  Learn more...
  • Transfer Campaigns: Allows users to transfer campaigns to a different package and keywords to a different campaign. Learn more...
Account Tool Settings Tools
  • Email Notifications: Allows user to access and create email notifications for campaign rank change, traffic change, link manager backlinks, AdWords Monitor, domain backlinks, and SERP Features Monitor. Learn more...
  • Notes: Allows user to add, edit, and delete notations in the campaigns that user has access to.  Learn more...
  • Presets: Allows user to add, edit, and delete report and graph presets in the campaigns that user has access to. Learn more... 
  • Tag Manager: Allows users to add, edit, and delete Tag groups and options. Learn more...
User white label dashboard settings

White Label 

access to utilities


User access to campaign settings and reports

Campaign Settings & Reports 

  • Campaigns Home Screen: Required for logging in to reports and rank or link campaign management. Users can customize their view of the Campaigns home screen. Learn more...
  • Create & Edit Campaigns: Allows user to add and edit, but not delete campaigns. Learn more...
  • Access Rank Tracker Settings: Allows user access to General SettingsSearch EnginesKeywords, and Websites screens. Create & Edit Campaigns permission must also be enabled for the user.
  • Access Integration Settings: Allows user to add, edit, and delete third party integrations. Create & Edit Campaigns permission must also be enabled for the user.
  • Access White Label Settings: Allows user to add, edit, and delete Client Dashboard and