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Keywords: Tags Categorize and Filter Report Data

Tags are used to categorize and filter rank data in reports and graphs.  There are 3 types of Tags available in Rank Ranger: single category Keyword Tags, Keyword Tag Groups with Options, and Website URL Tags.  Keywords and Website URLs can have more than one Tag assigned to them.  Keyword Tags can be manually entered or bulk imported via the Campaign Settings > Keywords screen, or added via the Add Keyword API.  We highly recommend that you become familiar with the Keyword Tag options before completing the setup of your rank tracking campaigns.

Single Category Keyword Tags can be used to filter a report or graph-based only the keywords that are related to a specific topic. For example, brand vs. non-brand keywords, or top-level categories of products being sold on a site.

Tag Groups & Options can be used for multiple-level category grouping of keywords in reports and graphs.  Tag Groups are the best option for products or services that require a category and sub-category. For example, if the site is selling shoes, you can create a Tag Group for each shoe type and then a Tag Option for each variable (e.g, style, size, and color).

Website URL Tags can be helpful when tracking URLs that may not be descriptive of the content (e.g., YouTube videos, Apps, etc.)

rank reports filtered by tags

Keyword Tags Quick Start Video

This video is intended to be a quick start guide, please refer to the description of the settings, and step-by-step instructions on this page for complete details regarding rank tracking campaign optimization.

Grouping Keywords for Rank Reporting


Keyword Tag filters applied in Marketing Dashboard

In this example, a Tag Group named "kitchen" was created and then Tag Options (kitchen tools, ovenware, small appliances, and tableware) were added to that group and then assigned to the category's keywords tracked in the campaign.  Four Single Metric Widgets were created to provide a graphic view of rank trend for these 4 categories of keywords in the campaign.  Following the widgets is a Tag Rank Distribution report for the same 4 Tag Groups detailing the number of keywords ranking in positions 1 - 3, 4 - 10, 11 - 20, 21 - 30 and 50+, Average Rank and Search Volume for each tracked search engine and category.
web marketing dashboard reports filtered by keyword tags
The above report is displayed in a Marketing Dashboard, and can also be shared in Client Dashboards and scheduled PDF Reports, as well as in the platform. 

Keyword Tag Groups & Options


Keyword Tag groups and options can be created in the Tag Manager (found in the Add-ons section), learn more...

As in the example shown in the marketing dashboard above, if you are tracking keywords for an e-commerce site that sells houseware, you might create the following Tag Groups:
  • Kitchen
  • Dining
  • Furniture
  • Bedding
And then inside of each of those Tag Groups add Tag Options, for example in the case of the Kitchen category we added the following Tag Options:
  • ovenware
  • small appliances
  • tableware
  • tools
When displayed in a Rank Tracker Dashboard report, a Tag Group and Tag Option look like this:   kitchen: small appliances

Rank Tracker report filtered by Tag Group and Option
In this report, we have the option set to show keyword tags in a column, and the report is being filtered by the "kitchen" Tag Group and "small appliances" Tag Option. Below the report name, we can see that the report is displaying 27 out of the 45 tracked keywords based on the tag filter.

rank tracker report with tag filters

Single Category Keyword Tags


Single category keyword tags are the original tags made available in Rank Ranger, they are one-dimensional and serve as a good option for sites that don't have multi-level categories of products or services.  These Tags can be created and added directly in the Campaign Settings > Keywords screen individually or in bulk, learn more...

Visibility by Category in Insight Graph using Tags
In this example, Keyword Tags were used to separate Visibility Score by category.
Insight Graph with Tags

Insight Graph Tag Filter
The above Insight Graph was generated in minutes by creating 3 individual metrics each using a unique Tag.

Insight Graph Tag settings

Rank Tracker Dashboard filtered by Single Category Tag
In this report, we have set the option to hide the Tag column from displaying, and the report is being filtered by the single category Tag "pickup".  Below the report name, we can see that the Tag "pickup" is assigned to only 6 out of 45 keywords tracked in the campaign. In Competitive View, we are seeing the tag rank data for both the primary domain and competitor websites being tracked in the campaign.

single category tags filtering rank data

URL Tags

URL Tags are labels that can be added to reports for clarification of the page content. For example, when using the Exact URL tracking mode for a YouTube video or app in the App Store or iTunes, or in the case of reputation management, URL Tags can help the viewer identify what the link URL means.  URL Tags are added in the Campaign Settings > Websites screen, learn more...

YouTube Rank Tracking with URL Tags
In this example, YouTube rank tracking is being accomplished using the Exact URL Tracking Mode and the video URLs have been tagged to help the viewer identify what the video content is about.

YouTube rank tracking

URL Tags for Reputation Management Campaigns
In this example, URLs with negative brand impact are being tracked for the purpose of monitoring the effectiveness of positive brand campaigns pushing the negative pages out of the top 100. URL Tags are utilized to identify the type of content on each page, along with color highlights that help distinguish between the types of brand impact each page may generate.

reputation management rank tracking

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