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SERP Features Email Alerts

Alerts can be set up that triggers email notification when SERP features presented in Google search results change for any keyword in a campaign.

SERP Features Monitor report

SERP Feature Alert Email Report


SERP Features Report

Email notifications include the campaign name and primary domain URL, along with search engine, keyword(s), a list of the SERP features displaying on the report date per keyword, features gained and features lost. 

Email notification of SERP Feature changes
Google Jobs Box, Images & Related Questions Alert
Report with only Non-organic results

Google Jobs Box alert

Create a SERP Features Change Alert


SERP Features Monitor List

All the SERP Features email alerts that have been created in an account display on the Campaigns > Email Notifications screen. To create a new alert, click the Add Alert button.  

SERP Features Monitor notification status

SERP Features Email Notification Settings

After clicking the Add Alert button on the Tools > Email Notifications screen, complete and submit the form.  SERP Features alerts can only be created by someone who is logged in with the account owner credentials.

Create a SERP Features Monitor alert

  • Enter an Alert Name - this displays in the SERP Features Monitor list on the main Email Notifications screen.
  • Enter the Email Address you want the alert sent to.
  • Select the Campaign.
  • Select a Google Search Engine.

SERP Features Monitor settings

  • Select the SERP Features (linking to domain) options that you want to monitor. These are organic SERP features containing a link to a domain, which makes it possible for the tracker to match either the campaign's primary domain or a competitor's domain.

    SERP Features linking to domain

  • Select the SERP Features (non-organic) options that you want to monitor. Non-organic SERP features may not contain a direct link to a tracked domain. For example, it might not contain any link, require multiple clicks to locate the domain URL, or links to services such as Google's Jobs, Local Finder, Maps, News, Shopping, etc. In cases where the tracked domain link is not presented in organic results, we may report the existence of the feature matched to the keyword that triggered it, but not a landing page URL in SEO and Rank reports.

    SERP Features non-organic

  • Select the Frequency that you want the Tag keywords tracked for page one AdWords and the Email Notification sent: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
  • Specify the Search Volume Filter (Optional). Select operation sign greater(>), equal(=), or less(<) and specify the number for the Search Volume you would like to filter.

    select daily, weekly or monthly frequency

  • Click the Submit button.

Whitelist Rank Ranger Email

Important: Please whitelist to ensure that your email alerts don't get labeled as spam or blocked by your email server.

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