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Search Console Email Alerts

Set up and receive email notifications of keywords reported for a site by Search Console based on custom filters.

Search Console Email Notifications can help you to quickly discover when a site is ranking for new keywords. The results might help you consider adjustments to your content strategy or reporting achievement to your client, etc.

Limits: the number of alerts is equal to the number of campaigns in a package.

Settings are located in the Campaigns > Email Notifications section of Rank Ranger, and alerts are sent out after 14:00 UTC daily, weekly, or monthly depending upon the selected frequency setting.

Important! To utilize this tool, Google Search Console must be configured correctly, please refer to Rank Ranger's Search Console integration documentation.

Create Search Console Email Alerts

Search Console Alert Example


Reports like these can be sent to your email address based on the frequency and monitoring selections you establish for the email notification.

Search Console Keywords based on Custom Filter

Search Console Email Alert 

How to Create a Search Console Alert

Keyword Rank Alerts

Open Campaigns > Email Notifications and scroll down to and select the Search Console section.
Click the Add Alert button.  You can also click the Edit (pencil) icon to make changes to an existing alert, or click the trash can icon to delete an alert.

Search Console Email Notifications

Create a Search Console Alert

create new search console alert

  • Enter an Alert Name (for your reference, this displays in the Search Console Email Notifications screen and in the email you receive)
  • Enter the Email address the alert should be sent to
  • Select a Campaign
  • Set a Custom Filter: Country,  Device, Page, or Query
    • Select a Qualifier:
      • Contains: The row value must either contain or equal your expression (non-case-sensitive).
      • Equals: Your expression must exactly equal the row value (case-sensitive for page and query dimensions).
      • Not Contains: The row value must not contain your expression either as a substring or a (non-case-sensitive) complete match.
      • Not Equals: Your expression must not exactly equal the row value (case-sensitive for page and query dimensions).
    • Enter a Value, when selecting: 
      • Country: Filter against the specified country, as specified by the 3-letter country code  (refer to ISO 3166-1 alpha-3 list)  
      • Device: Filter results for a specific device type - Desktop, Mobile, or Tablet
      • Page: Filter against the specified URL
      • Query: Filter against the specified query string (i.e., keyword)
    • Click the Add Filter button (Note: Multiple filters logic is using AND operator, which means the data shows only when all added filters are true)
  • Select a Date Range: Last 7 days or Last 30 days
  • Select the alert Frequency: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • Click the Submit button, and you will be notified by email when the conditions of the rules you've established are met

Example of an Alert
In this example, a Search Console email notification has been created with a custom filter for when a Query contains the word "Podcast". It is set to run Weekly (frequency setting) based on the last 7 days of data (date range) from Search Console (the account that is integrated with the Campaign that has been selected). 

Search Console Email Alert Settings

Search Console Data Anomalies

The data displayed in our Search Console reports comes directly via Google's API based on your Search Console integration. If you notice that data seems to be missing, there are a smaller number of items or pages in results than expected, or a significant/unexplained drop in performance, please refer to Google's Data anomalies in Search Console page for an explanation.

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