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Report Default Settings

Rank Ranger reports allow for complete customization with regard to keywords, domains, search engines, and various rank, keyword, domain, and/or landing page metrics. Once you have customized your report exactly as you would like it to remain, you can easily save the settings as a report default. Available options include:
  • Ranger Default
  • Account Default
  • Profile Default
  • Campaign Default
  • Client Dashboard Default


Video: How to Save & Load Report Defaults


Default Options

Account default settings

Account Default:

  • Account Default settings for the specific report can be applied across all campaigns for the entire account.

This is a great option if you want reports set up the same way for the majority of your campaigns.

Profile Default settings

Profile Default:

  • Individual campaigns can be assigned to a Profile and each Profile in your account can have its own specific default report settings.

This is a helpful option to use when you have multiple campaigns of a specific type (e.g., a customer with multiple campaigns, reputation management, YouTube videos, Google Play Store Apps, industry or market segment, etc.) as it quickly applies the same settings to all campaigns assigned to the Profile.

Campaign default settings

Campaign Default:

  • Campaign Default settings are settings that can be applied to a specific report in a campaign.

If you make changes to report options - or if you have multiple people working in your account and someone changes the report options for a campaign - creating a Campaign Default is a great way to enable quick rollback to the original settings.

Client Dashboard Default:

  • Client Dashboard Defaults determine what your client will see when logged into your branded web interface to view the reports that you have enabled for them to access. 

This feature helps ensure that your client will always see exactly what you want them to see in your Client Dashboard. You can also disable the view of Report Options in the portal via Campaign Settings > Client Dashboard.


Save Report Defaults

Once you have your report options set the way you want them you have the choice of saving them as the Default settings for your Account (applied across all campaigns for this report) or for a specific Profile, Campaign, or Client Dashboard (for the specific campaign). 

Simply mouse-over the Save icon and select the desired Save As Default option

Save Default Settings

Load Previously Saved Defaults

If you make changes to a report's options and decide you want to revert back to a previously saved setting, you can load Rank Ranger Defaults or previously saved Campaign, Profile, Account, or Client Dashboard Defaults.

Simply mouse over the Load icon and select the desired Load Default.

Load Report Default Options

Reset Options

If you have made changes in your Report Options and would like to quickly return to the default settings while viewing the report, simply click the Gear icon and select Default Report Settings.

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