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Top Stories News Results Settings

Google Top Stories news results appear in a block and include links to articles that are displayed from various news sites featuring recent news around the keyword searched. You can customize your SEO reports to include Top Stories results.
News results



What are News Results?


Google News results are the results that display the Top Stories section of search results. News results are not included in the organic search results, but can be by selecting Include in the Custom Location & Options Search Engine Settings.
Example of Google News Results

Example of Google SERP News Results

Rank: Top Stories Results Included vs. Excluded


Including News Results in the Advanced Settings of a Google desktop search engine will track the results in the Top Stories SERP feature along with the organic search results. In the image below, the green numbers represent the inclusion of the News Results and the red numbers represent the rank of regular Organic search results when News results are excluded.

Example of Google News Results included with Organic SERP

News Results SERP Icon in Reports


News Results icon When Top Stories results are included, you will see this icon display on your Rank Ranger reports.

Example of Google News Results icon

Top Stories News Results Settings

Include or Exclude Top Stories News Results

This feature is available for Google desktop search engines in the Custom Location & Options settings.

The default is set to exclude News results in the rank count.

To include Top Stories results along with Organic results in rank count, select Include.

track top stories

When set to include and campaign keywords result in Top Stories in Google Search, a news icon SERP News icon will be displayed in the Dashboard report for that keyword.  Learn more about how rank is counted when this option is selected.

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