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Landing Page Email Alerts

Set up and receive email notifications of changes in Title Tag, Meta Description Tag, Page Content (stats), or 3xx Redirects for specific landing pages.

Landing Page Email Notifications can help you reduce, or explain, unexpected rank changes that can occur when someone modifies website content or redirects pages without considering the effects those changes can have on SEO.  How? By notifying you when changes are detected, thus providing you with the information needed to determine if adjustments may be required to the rank tracking campaign or website.

  • The number of alerts is equal to the number of campaigns in a package
  • You may enter up to 10 landing page URLs per alert. Wildcards are not allowed, we recommend using other tools such as our Landing Page Monitor, or  Site Audit Pages report for comprehensive landing page analysis.
Settings are located in the Campaigns > Email Notifications section of Rank Ranger, and alerts are sent out after 14:00 UTC daily, weekly, or monthly depending upon the selected frequency setting.

Create Landing Page Email Alerts

Landing Page Change Alert Examples


Reports like these can be sent to your email address based on the frequency and monitoring selections you establish for the email notification.

Title and Meta Description Change Email Alert

Landing Page Change Email Alert

3xx Redirect Example
In this example, the alert provides information indicating that a tracked URL is redirecting to a different location. 

landing page email alert for redirects

Content Change Alert Example
In this example, the alert indicates the percentage of page content that has changed since the previous crawl. This is what might be considered an extreme example because they are category pages on a site that accepts user content, it was used for demonstration purposes.
Landing Page Content Change alert

Title Change Alert Example
In this example, the alert displays the Title that has changed since the previous crawl. The email alert will show the email alert name, campaign name and the domain, and From and To Title changes. Below is just a sample of the alert.
Landing Page Title Change alert

How to Create a Landing Page Change Alert

Keyword Rank Alerts

Open Campaigns > Email Notifications and scroll down to and select the Landing Pages section.
Click the Add Alert button.  You can also click the Edit (pencil) icon to make changes to an existing alert, or click the trash can icon to delete an alert.

Landing Page Email Notifications

Create New Landing Page Alert

create new landing page alert

  • Enter an Alert Name (for your reference, this displays in the Landing Page Email Notifications screen and in the email you receive)
  • Enter the Email address the alert should be sent to
  • Select a Campaign
  • Select What to Track: On-Page Changes Scan, URL Changes in Organic Results, or Title Change in Organic Results
  • For On-Page Changes Scan: Enter Landing Page URLs, enter up to 10 URLs, 1 per line
  • For On-Page Changes Scan: Select What to Monitor: Title Tag, Meta Description Tag, Page Content (stats such as word count), and/or 3xx Redirect
  • For URL Change in Organic Results: Select Website from the list
  • For Title Change in Organic Results: Select Website and Select Search Engine from the list
  • Select the alert Frequency: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • Click the Submit button, and you will be notified by email when the conditions of the rules you've established are met

Whitelist Rank Ranger Email

Important: Please whitelist to ensure that your email alerts don't get labeled as spam or blocked by your email server.

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