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Google Travel Search Engine

Previously we have been tracking Hotel Packs by setting up the Google Search Engine. Now, the Google Travel Search Engine can be tracked, which is a search engine option created for tracking the Google Travel Hotels Search site for the tracking keywords results with the matching Business Results specified in the settings of the Google Travel Search Engine under Campaigns > Search Engine. The available metrics in this search engine are business name, rank, rating, and price.

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From Hotel Pack to Travel Hotels

The Hotel Pack is the SERP feature search results in the Google Search Engine when searched for the local hotels. In the example below the Google search is done for the "New York hotels" with a Top 4 result of the Hotel Pack:

Hotel Pack SERP in Google Search Engine

To go from the regular Google Search Engine to the Google Travel Search Engine simply click on the View More or View with the number of Hotel Pack results in the Google Search Engine. The Google Search Engine switched to Google Travel Search Engine and tabbed into the Hotels search section of the site with a longer list of hotel results:

Google Travel Search Engine Site

Add and Set Up the Google Travel Search Engine

In order for the Rank Ranger to track the results in Google Travel Search Engine the following steps need to be taken:
  1. Go to Campaigns
  2. Tab into Search Engines
  3. Select Country 
  4. Select Travel Search Engine from the list of Search Engines
  5. Click Add

Add Travel Search Engine

Once the Travel Search Engine was added scroll to Google Travel ( and click on "Custom Location & Options" to open Option to set up the engine.

Setup Travel Search Engine

Business Results Match should be set up in order to track based on the matched Business listing name. 
  • For a single business listing, enter the exact Business Name as listed in the Google Business Listing.
  • For multiple business listings, enter Business Names separated with the pipe character: |. For example, (Hilton San Diego|Fox Sports Grill)
  • For a multiple Google Business Listing containing the same Business name with location or service included in the title use the (contains) option. For example, (Marriott)
If the URL in the Google Business Listings doesn't match the primary domain of the campaign, then a URL of the Business Listing can be specified.
Once all Custom Options are set click the Save button. It takes about a few hours for the new Google Travel Rank Tracked data to be available in the reports.

Travel Search Engine Data in the Reports

Once the crawl is complete the most detailed data is available in the Rank Insights Report under SERP Features Tab.
  1. From Reports & Tools > Organic Search > Rank Tracking click on Rank Insights
  2. In the Report Options under Search Engine select Google Travel ( and click Apply Changes
  3. In the report Tab to SERP Features
In order to show Business Name, Rating and Price go to Report Options > Display select all under Local Results, and click on Apply Changes.
After completing all the previously mentioned steps a similar to the following report will be displayed. Where the only SERP feature available is Ratings with a number of keywords belonging to competitors and a number of keywords belonging to a primary tracked domain/Business Result. In addition to the SERP Feature - Reviews in the Chart the columns such as Business Name, Rating, and Price will display the available data.

Rank Insights for Google Trave

To see the SERP Snapshot click on the search icon, which will display the way the listing looks on the Google Travel site:

Rank Insights SERP Snapshot

The other useful reports are Rank Tracker Dashboard with Rank and SERP Feature icons, Average Rank Position Report, and much more.

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