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Brand URLs

Brand URLs are a premium feature that fuels the Brand Visibility Report.  If your SEO plan supports this feature, you can add the URLs in the Campaign Settings > Brand URLs screen.

Brand Visibility Report Top 20 SERP Positions

Video: How to Track Brand Visibility on Google


Add Brand URLs to Campaign Tracking

Campaign Settings > Brand URLs
This is an Enterprise account feature, so if you don't see the Brand URLs screen and you want to use this feature, please contact customer service regarding an upgrade.
  • Enter full URLs of brand-related pages (e.g., social media profile pages, directory listings, etc.) one URL per line in the URL Address field.
  • Full URLs should be entered in this format: or  (the software will remove the https:// for you).
  • Click the Add button. 
Add Brand social media profile pages and directory listings to tracking

Brand URLs Successfully added to Rank Tracking

After clicking the Add button, you should see a Success message. When these pages rank in the top 20 search engine results, their rank position will display in the Enterprise Brand Visibility report. 

Brand URL added to rank tracking

Brand URL Error Message

If you attempt to add a brand URL that already exists in the campaign, you will receive this error message. 

Brand URL already exists

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