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Ads Email Alerts

Alerts can be set up that triggers email notification when competitive Google Ads display on Page One in the search engine results.

Important: The Ads email alert requires that keyword groups be created through the use of keyword Tags, learn more...

Settings are located in the Campaigns > Email Notifications section of Rank Ranger.

Ad Monitor report

Ads Email Report


Ads Alert

Email notifications include the Campaign Name and primary URL, along with page one AdWords reports for each keyword in the defined tag group. In this example, the ad copy and its position on page one (e.g., top or bottom of the page ads) for the keyword "gift cards" is displayed for each competitor's ad. 

Email notification of Google AdWords competition

Ads Alert: Multiple Keywords

Multiple keywords are included in this example because several Tags were added to the alert that triggered the report, and some of the Tags scored more than one keyword with page one ads.  

Google Ads Monitor email notification
The Ads email notification that produced the above report was created using the following Tag Groups and Tag Options:
     kitchen: range top,kitchen: kitchen electronics,kitchen: tableware,kitchen: ovenware,kitchen: wine 

The Tag Group is kitchen and Tag Options are:
  • range top
  • kitchen electronics
  • tableware
  • ovenware
  • wine
Tags are applied to Keywords (in the Campaign Settings > Keywords screen) and based on the Tag Group selected in the Ads Monitor alert, RangerBot tracks the Ads on SERP One for the Keywords in the specified Tag Group.  

In the above example, the Tag Group kitchen:wine contains keywords: wine cellar and wine refrigerators, and because both keywords produced page one ads they are both listed in the Email Notification.   On the other hand, the Tag Group kitchen:tableware contains keywords: cutlery, dinnerware, flatware, and glassware, but only the keyword flatware produced page one ads on the day of this report. So if an Ad only displays in the search results for one of the keywords in a Tag group, the Ads Monitor still reports it because the alert is based on the Tag - and Tags can be applied to more than one keyword.

Ads Email Notification Settings



Ads email notifications operate based on Tags, so Keywords must have Tags assigned.  Tags can be efficiently created and used across multiple campaigns by using Tag Manager.  Tags can also be individually created and added to keywords in the Campaign Settings > Keywords screen or Bulk imported (please refer to Keywords screen instructions).

Keyword Tags

Ads Email Notifications List

All the Ads alerts that have been created in an account display on the Campaigns > Email Notifications screen. To create a new alert, scroll down and click the Add Alert button.  

Ads Monitor notification status

Create a Google Ads Alert

After clicking the Add Alert button on the Campaigns > Email Notifications screen, complete and submit the Email Notification Settings form.  Google Ads alerts can only be created by someone who is logged in as the account administrator.

Create an Ads Monitor alert

  • Enter an Alert Name - this displays in the Ads Monitor list on the Email Notifications screen.
  • Enter the Email Address you want the alert sent to.
  • Select the corresponding Campaign.
  • Select a Google Search Engine.
  • Enter the Keyword Tag(s) - either an individual tag or if using the Tag Manager then enter the Tag Group:Tag Option (e.g., kitchen:tableware)
  • Select the Frequency that you want the Tag keywords tracked for page one AdWords and the Email Notification sent: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly.
  • Click the Submit button.

Whitelist Rank Ranger Email

Important: Please whitelist to ensure that your email alerts don't get labeled as spam or blocked by your email server.

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