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Site Explorer Paid Keywords

Enter a domain URL, click the search button and the Paid Keywords report provides a list of keywords for which Google Ads were found in search results.

Included in this report:   
  • Ad title, display URL and text
  • Keyword
  • Ad position
  • Ad Block position on the page
  • Average monthly search volume
  • Keyword difficulty score (KD)
  • Average CPC
  • Estimated Traffic
  • URL of the page that the Ad links to (this is not always the same as the link that displays in the Ad)
  • Jump off the link that opens the page that the Ad links to in a new tab
  • Click the URL to launch the Paid Keywords report filtered for the ad's landing page to view additional keywords and ads for the page

Site Explorer Paid Ads report

Reports > Site Explorer > Paid Search


Domain's Ads in Google Search Results

Google Ads Performance
Enter a URL and click the Search icon to generate the report and discover the keywords that produced a Google Ad for the domain in search results. 

The Ad Position Distribution chart provides the number of ads displayed in various ad rank positions in both the top (blue) and bottom (gray) ad blocks of the search results. Similarly, the Block Location chart summarizes the number and percentage of total ads displayed in the SERP.

In the table below the charts, you can click column headings to sort by Ad Position, search volume, keyword difficulty, average CPC, traffic, or URL.

Site Explorer Paid Ads report

Report Filters

  • Click the funnel icon to expand the report filter options. 
  • Select a qualifier (e.g., Contains, = Equals, > Greater than, etc.) and enter the text or number you want the report filtered by
Site Explorer Paid Keywords report filters

View Ad Copy

Ad Details from Google SERP
Hover over the AD icon for any keyword to view:
  • Ad Title
  • Display URL
  • Ad Copy
view ad copy

Ad Performance by Country

Find Keywords that displayed Ads in Google country-based search 
When a site has ads displaying in more than one country search engine, a ribbon of country flags displays directly below the search bar. Clicking a country flag launches the Paid Keywords report for the site's ad appearances in that country's Google search results. 

Ads in multiple country search results

Individual Page Ads and Keywords

Discover more keywords resulting in page Ads
Because there may be more than one Ad running for a page, this report includes an option to click the URL that's in the domain-based report to launch the Paid Keywords report filtered for that targeted Ad page, allowing you to view additional keywords and Ad copy.

Ads for an individual page

Report Options


report options filters

  • Select the number of results to display per page

Apply Changes

  • After making any change in Report Options, you must click the Apply Changes button in order to implement the change in the report

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