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Site Explorer Organic Pages

Enter a domain URL, click the search button and the Organic Pages report provides a list of the domain's top landing pages that ranked for keywords on page 1 of Google organic search.

Features per landing page URL:   
  • Number of keywords the page ranked for in top 10 organic search results
  • Estimated search traffic
  • Top ranked keyword
  • Average monthly search volume (Vol)
  • Keyword difficulty score (KD)
  • Keyword rank
  • Jump off link that opens the landing page in a new tab
  • Click the URL to launch the Organic Keywords report filtered for the landing page to view all the keywords that the landing page ranked for

Site Explorer Organic Pages

Reports > Site Explorer > Organic Search


All Pages Ranking in Organic Results

Analyzing Landing Page Performance
Enter a URL and click the Search icon to generate the report.

Discover site pages that are ranking for the highest number of keywords by clicking the Keywords column heading to change the sort. Or sort the report based on Traffic, search volume, top keyword (alphabetic sort), keyword difficulty or rank columns based on the type of qualifier you're seeking.

Site Explorer Organic Pages

Landing Page Performance per Country

Organic Ranking Pages 
When a site is ranking in more than one country, a ribbon of country flags displays directly below the search bar. Clicking a country flag launches an organic pages analysis for the site's performance in that country. 

Multiple countries

Discover All Keywords Ranked for the Page

Organic Ranking Keywords 
Clicking a landing page URL launches the Organic Keywords report for that specific page for discovery of the other keywords that page is ranking for, along with the keywords' stats.

page keywords ranking

Report Options


report options filters

  • Select the number of results to display per page

Apply Changes

  • After making any change in Report Options, you must click the Apply Changes button in order to implement the change in the report

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