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Site Explorer Organic Competitors

Enter a domain URL, click the search button and the Organic Competitors report provides a list of competitor domains ranking in the top 10 search results, featuring: 
  • Number of top 10 ranked organic keywords
  • Number of common keywords between the competitor and the site being researched
  • Percentage of total organic keywords that the 2 sites have in common
  • Number of keywords that are unique to the competitor
  • Number of keywords that are unique to the domain being researched
  • A Keyword Split graph indicating keywords unique to competitor, common %, and domain unique
  • Jump off the link that opens the domain's home page in a new tab
  • Click the URL to launch the Organic Competitors report for the competitor domain

Site Explorer Organic Competitors

Reports > Site Explorer > Organic Search


Competitors in Organic Results

Analyzing the Competition
Enter a domain URL and click the Search button to generate the report
enter url
Learn more about known and previously unknown competitors. Columns can be sorted by clicking on their heading to help determine which competitor has the highest number of keywords:
  • ranking in organic search
  • in common with the site that is being researched
You can also view the number of unique keywords your domain has ranked for in SERPs.

Site Explorer Organic Competitors

Domain Performance by Country

Worldwide Competition 
When a site is ranking in more than one country, a ribbon of country flags displays directly below the search bar. Clicking a country flag launches an organic competitors analysis for the domain's performance in the selected country. 

Multiple countries

Report Options


report options filters

  • Select the number of results to display per page

Apply Changes

  • After making any change in Report Options, you must click the Apply Changes button in order to implement the change in the report

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