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ClickShare vs Traffic

The ClickShare vs Traffic report provides a new, ClickShare metric that measures in % the click opportunity of the top 10 positions of the organic search results based on the Search Volume. The higher position keywords rank the better the ClickShare metric is. The Clickshare metric is based on Rank results collected in the campaign and the Search Console data combined, in which case both data must be available. 

The Search Console total monthly clicks metric is used as a Traffic metric in the Clickshare vs Traffic report.

For the report to have data the Google Search Console account must be connected to the campaign. Learn more... 

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ClickShare vs Traffic Report

 The ClickShare vs Traffic report presents the click share metric in % and the traffic as a total number of clicks for each month. The report is providing a one-year range of data with a month-over-month(MoM) and year-over-year(YoY) change for both ClickShare and Traffic metrics. The graph presents the metrics for each month and calculates the change of the data from the previous month to a current month of this year for the MoM and the data from the current month of the previous year to a current month of this year for the YoY if available data exists.

ClickShare vs Traffic Report

Report Options


Select a custom Date Range


  • Click the calendar icon to select the report date
ClickShare Display Option


  • Custom Report Title: (optional) enter a Title to display centered at the top of your report. This title will also display on your white label PDF Reports; both in the bookmarked links and at the top of the report.
select Keywords


  • Select the keyword(s) you want to be displayed in the report: use the All or None link, or check the box beside each keyword

Important: When you add keywords to a campaign you need to open Report Options and check the boxes beside the new keywords or click the Reset button to display all keywords in your report. The number of keywords currently included in your report displays directly below the report title where you'll find the words "Displaying # out of ## keywords" for your convenience.  That calculation comes from the settings you select here.

Show, hide and select Keyword Tags

Keyword Tags:

  • Select the Tag(s) to filter the report results by using the All or None link for quick selection or individually check the boxes beside the keyword tags to be included in the report.

Important: Refer to Tag Manager for more information about creating Keyword Tag Groups and Tag Options.

Select Search Engines

Search Engines:

  • Select the search engine you want to be included in the report
Save Report Default


  • Click the Apply Changes button.
Save As Default Settings (if desired)
  • Account Default
  • Profile Default
  • Campaign Default
  • Client Dashboard Default
Refer to Report Default Settings for more information about default setting features and uses.

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