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Create White Label PDF Report from Template

Rank Ranger's PDF Templates provide a simple tool to create the same report for multiple customers without starting from scratch each time. Once you've got a layout created that will work for other clients, with the click of a button you can create a new report using the same layout.

If you're creating your first White Label PDF report or want to create a new report from scratch, please refer to the Automated White Label PDF Report documentation.

White Label PDF Report Layout Templates

Create White Label PDF Report from Layout Template

Layout Templates

Select a Layout Template:

  • Click White Label in the navigation Bar.
  • Click PDF Templates.
  • Locate the desired template.
Edit Layout Templates

Edit the template (if desired):

  • Use the arrows to move report elements.
  • Uncheck the box beside any element you want to remove from the report.
  • Click the Save button.
Create report from layout template

Create a new White Label PDF Report:

  • Click the Create New Report button that corresponds to the desired layout.
  • Enter the new report's Name.
  • Click the Save button.
Create White Label PDF Report from Template

Select the Campaign:

  • The Report Content screen displays. Click the wheel icon of each report or graph and assign a Campaign to it.
Select Report Content

Report Options:

  • If desired you can make changes to the Report Options by expanding each section and selecting new parameters (refer to Rank Ranger Reporting Documentation for instructions specific to the report you've selected). 
  • Click the Save button.
White Label PDF Report completion

Rank Ranger displays the Report Layout preview; from this view you can do any of the following:

  • Click the Add Report button and select another report to insert in the automated report.
  • Add Text Box to insert comments between report elements.
  • Add Page Break between report elements. 
  • Make changes to any report element by hovering over the element and clicking the wheel icon.
  • Drag and Drop to change the order of the report elements.
  • Click the Email Message tab and change email content or add report or email snippets into the email content.
  • Click the Settings tab and change settings including sender or recipient email address, report name, size and orientation, cover template, etc. (for further instructions refer to the Automated White Label PDF Report documentation).
White Label PDF Report completion

Save, Test or Preview your Report:

  • Set Campaign
  • Save as Template to create future reports that might only require a different name and campaign assignment.
  • Send Test Email to preview the report.
  • Mouse over the Export button and select HTML Preview or PDF Preview - and if you want the report for today, be sure to click the Current Date box.

Bulk Update PDF Reports Template

Report Details Update
If you want to apply a different PDF report template to than one PDF report then follow these steps (after creating the new template)

  1. Select the individual reports and click the Bulk Update button 
  2. Check the box to the left of Template and select the new template in the list
    Warning: doing this will delete any report content that was in the old PDF settings
  3. Make any other changes you want to the settings and click the Bulk Update button              
    select template

  4. Select the Campaign
    If a campaign was not previously set for some or all of the reports in the updated PDF, then you'll be prompted to Set Campaign when you open the PDF report's settings.
  5. Click the Bulk Update button.

    set campaign

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