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How is Search Visibility Score calculated?

Visibility Score is based on the position of ranking keywords and average search volume. It is calculated per keyword for keywords that are ranking in the top 30 search engine results for each search engine tracked in the campaign.

Keywords track rank all the way to position 100, but we only calculate Visibility Score for keywords ranked in the Top 30, meaning that if a keyword is ranked in position 31 or 99 it will be assigned a Visibility Score of 0. This is based on research of average user behavior indicating that approximately 75% of users never scroll beyond the page 1, 2 or 3 of search results. Therefore, the Visibility value for a keyword is based on the rank position, i.e., a keyword that ranks #1 will have a higher value than a keyword that is ranked #4.

The total of the individual keywords' visibility scores (including those that score 0) results in the campaign's daily Visibility Score. The higher the daily score, the better the site's visibility. The idea is to improve from the baseline Visibility Score over time with the goal of improving click-thru and site traffic.

Which reports and graphs display Visibility Score?


Visibility Graph: compares the trending Visibility Scores of the campaign domain and competitor domains for the tracked keywords.

Insight Graph: Visibility Score is an available rank metric option that can be filtered by domain, search engine and keyword tags, displayed in a trend graph.

Single Metric Widgets: Visibility Score is an available rank metric option that can be  filtered by domain, search engine and keyword tags, and displayed as a number, trend chart and compared to a previous period. 

Campaigns Overview: Visibility Score is displayed for the list of campaigns along with rank distribution and traffic summary.

Rank Tracker Dashboard: Visibility Score can be viewed in each individual keyword's graph.

Website Rank Distribution report: Visibility Score is an available column data option, displayed per search engine for comparison of all domains tracked in a campaign.

Enterprise Brand Visibility report: Visibility Score is presented for the campaign based on the domain, keywords and search engine selected for display in the report.

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