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My Packages: View Capacity & Manage Data

Capacity is an indicator of the number of campaigns and keywords you have left to use in your package.

For a description of what a Package is, please refer to Account Hierarchy Explained.
Understanding Package Capacity

Video: How to View Package Capacity, Upgrade & View Invoices


Viewing Capacity

My Packages To see your capacity for each package:
  • Click on the User Profile & Subscription > My Packages in the main menu.
View Package Capacity View remaining Package capacity:
  • A Capacity scale displays for Campaigns and Keywords in each package.
  • Hover over the capacity bar to reveals the number of Campaigns, Keywords and/or Links have been used out of the total package capacity.

Upgrade / Expand Capacity

Billing is done through PayPal or BlueSnap credit card recurring subscription and the upgrade path varies based on the option chosen when the current subscription was started. Please refer to the Upgrade Package documentation for details.

Transfer Keywords or Campaigns

Keywords can be transferred from one campaign to another under most circumstances.
If you have more than one package in your account, you can transfer Campaigns between packages. 


Common Questions

Are Phrases considered as one keyword?
Yes, for example, when tracking the keyword "my digital camera,” Rank Ranger will count the phrase as one keyword, instead of three.

Do Competitor results count as additional keywords?
No, Rank Ranger tracks competitors' keywords together with your keyword results; these results will not be included in your total keyword count.

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