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Twitter Audience Analytics

The Twitter Audience Analytics report provides analysis of followers popularity, top influencers, geo location, languages, and hashtags.

Integrate your Twitter account with Rank Ranger and connect it to a rank tracking campaign to access this Twitter Analytics report.
Twitter Audience Analytics Report

Followers Popularity

Followers of Followers
This graph represents the number of followers that have followers in each popularity range.  In Report Options > Social Analytics > Followers Popularity, you can change the labels that display for each level.
followers popularity

Top Influencers Breakdown

How strong are your influencers?
This graph provides a breakdown of the number of followers that meet your criteria of an influencer. You can adjust settings in Report Options > Social Analytics > Influencer Criteria
top influencers

Geo Location

Where are your followers located?
You can hover over areas of the map to see the number of followers per country 

Followers by Language

What are the primary languages of your followers?
The graph provides total followers for the top 10 languages and groups the rest in the Other category. The table below that lists additional languages  

followers by language

Follower Hashtags

How your followers identify themselves
This graph provides the top 10 hashtags associated with your follower's Twitter bios. You can set the number of hashtags displayed in the table below the graph in Report Options > Social Analytics > Follower Hashtags

follower hashtags

Report Options

display settings


  • Custom Report Title (optional): enter the text you want displayed at the top of the report
  • Report Sections: enable or disable the view of the following report sections:
    • Social Account Header: this is the logo thumbnail and account name as displayed in the Twitter account
    • Followers Popularity: graph displaying popularity of followers in various ranges
    • Top Influencers: graph displaying a breakdown of influencers based on the criteria you set in Social Analytics
    • GEO Location: world map displaying the number of followers by country
    • Followers by Language: the number of followers per primary language
    • Follower Hashtags: the hashtags your followers use to identify themselves in their bios
display settings Social Analytics
  • Followers Popularity: you may enter a name for each level (instead of Level 1, 2, etc.)
  • Influencer Criteria: set the
    • Minimum Followers: the number of followers that you want used to define who is an influencer
    • Follower Ratio: the ratio between the number of Twitter accounts they are following and their number of followers
  • Followers Hashtags: set the number of results you want displayed in the Followers Hashtags table
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