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SERP Icons & API Search Results Indicators Explained

Special SERP icons are displayed in the Rank Dashboard when any of the special search engine result indicators are displayed by Google in a search result for a landing page in your campaign.  This information is also listed in the Excel export of a Dashboard report and is available in the Rank Top 50 API, Rank Top 100 API, and Google SERP Features API.

We currently support the following SERP result indicators, if you become aware of a new one please contact to request that it be added.

Dashboard with special SERP icons

SERP Indented URLs in rank tracking report Indented Results

Google has added the Intended results feature for the case when more than one related result with the same domain appears on the search page then Google lists as nested results. Just for clarification, the Indented results is not the same as Sitelinks even though it looks similar. There can be up to three indented results per domain following the first search result. Those domains that score with the indented results now take up more visual space than before. The SERP Feature icon for the Indented results is presented as Indented results SERP feature. In the Google search results, the feature looks as follows:

SERP Feature Indented results

SERP Answer Box in rank tracking report Featured Snippet

Google is rich with Featured Snippets, for example, when you ask Google a question, sometimes you'll find a Knowledge Graph above the organic search results. Google's Featured Snippets extract the text directly from the web page that Google determines best answers the query, as opposed to the meta description text that displays in organic results.

Featured Snippets in Search Engine Results

When a featured snippet like this displays for your keyword in the SERPs, this answer box icon Answer Box SERP icon will display in the domain URL column of your Dashboard report. Setting the Landing Page column to "Show" will provide you with the exact page that resulted in an answer box in the SERPs.

Google Answer box results noted in rank tracking report


SERP Events in rank tracking reports Structured Snippets

The Structured Snippets feature may appear in your search results when the sites showing have upcoming happenings (i.e. events), or have been structured to show product and/or service descriptions, etc. The Structured Snippets feature will indicate information such as the date of upcoming events, features included in a service, product specifications, etc.  In the case of a listed event, the feature may show along with a link to bring you to the event's webpage on the site. When the Structured Snippets feature does appear, it can be seen under the description displayed with each result. 
Detailed Structured Snippets displayed in Search Results provides a list of markup properties that can be used to provide search engines with the structured details needed for them to understand and display the event data in a user-friendly manner.  If the site we're tracking for you uses rich snippets for events, and Google displays your event details in the search results, then you'll find the Structured Snippets icon events in SERPs in the URL column of your Dashboard report.

SERP Events in rank tracking report

SERP HTTPS results in rank tracking report HTTPS

If you have switched your site to HTTPS recently, you will know by viewing the Dashboard report whether or not Google is serving that version of your site.

HTTPS in Google SERPs

When Google serves the HTTPS version of your website, Rank Ranger displays the HTTPS lock icon https lock icon in SERP in your Dashboard.

HTTPS results in rank tracking report

HTTPS (Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure) is an internet communication protocol that protects the integrity and confidentiality of your users' data between the user's computer and the site. Data sent using HTTPS is secured via Transport Layer Security protocol (TLS), which provides three key layers of protection including encryption, data integrity, and authentication.

video indicator in SERP in rank tracking report Image Thumbnail

When Google serves an image thumbnail in their organic search results for a URL and keyword tracked in your campaign, an Image icon image thumbnail in organic search displays in the Dashboard report for that keyword.

Image thumbnail in Organic Search Results

In this example, the SERP begins with a Featured Snippet and the second organic result has an image thumbnail.

image thumbnail in search results

SERP HTTPS results in rank tracking report Maps

If you choose to include Local results with Organic search results (refer to Local Pack Results Settings) and your primary domain ranks for one of your tracked keywords in the local pack results, then you'll see the Maps icon maps local pack icon display in your Dashboard report.

Local Pack in Google SERPS
Local Pack results

Local Result in Search Listing (1-pack)

local SERP

SERP News in rank tracking report News

Google News results appear in a block with links to articles from various news sites. If a search for your keyword results in a link to a URL tracked in your campaign, you'll see a News icon news icon in google serp in your Dashboard report.

News Results in Google Search

Google News in SERPs


Notable Online Notable Online

In an effort to improve users' search experience, Google has added what they refer to as the Notable Online SERP indicator. When Google considers a site to be widely recognized as notable online (and when data is available from Knowledge Graph sources), click the down arrow to the right of a search result URL provides an extra information box about the website and/or the company or organization that owns the site.  

Notable Source in Google Search Results

If Google includes a Notable Online feature for a landing page that is tracked in your campaign, the Notable Online icon notable icon will display for the keyword and URL in your Dashboard report.

Notable results in Google SERP

SERP Ratings in rank tracking report Rating

Google supports the markup of ratings and reviews for businesses, products, books, movies, etc., and displays rich snippets including rating stars and summary information in the results they display.

Rating Stars in Google SERPs

If Google displays a Rating in the rich snippet of a search engine result for a tracked keyword in your campaign, you will see a Rating icon SERP icon for Ratings and Review in your Dashboard report. 

Ratings Stars in Google search results


search box indicator in rank tracking reports Search Box

Helpful search boxes sometimes display in the SERPs when Google thinks the searcher is interested in searching deeper into results.

Search Box in SERPs

If a tracked URL in your campaign ranks for a keyword that results in a search box in Google SERPs, your Dashboard report will display a Search Box icon search box in SERPs to alert you that this helpful feature was included. 
In this example, Google is serving both a Search Box and Site Links.

search box in SERPs


Site links in search results Sitelinks

In an effort to help users find what they're searching for more quickly, Google occasionally provides Sitelinks for directories and/or specific pages within a site's structure.

Descriptive Site Links in Google Search

In this example, Google is offering the user PayPal's dot com as well as location-based and functional links. If a keyword search results in Site Links for your campaign, the Site Links icon sitelinks in search results displays in your Rank Tracker Dashboard.

SERP Site Links

Site Links Titles in Organic Search Results

Site links in Google search result

video indicator in SERP in rank tracking report Video Thumbnail

When Google serves a video thumbnail in their organic search results for a URL and keyword tracked in your campaign, a Video icon videos in organic search displays in the Dashboard report for that keyword.

Videos in Organic Search Results

videos in search results

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