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100+, N/A, Dash and Dots: What do they mean?

What does Rank of 100+, N/A, N/R, "-" and   mean?

In the Account Localization and Preferences screen your company can select which term displays in your reports when keywords are not ranking within the maximum supported results tracked by each search engine (refer to our current list of supported search engines for rank depth and additional information). Those options include "N/A", "NR", "-", or "100+" and what you see in the rank column of reports like the Rank Tracker Dashboard is based on those settings.

By default:
100+  means we did not find the keyword ranking for the primary domain in the top 100 results, and the search engine did return webpages on other domains with results for the keyword.

N/A  means that the search engine did not return any result for the keyword, which most likely means that the keyword is not indexed by the search engine at all.

The three moving dots  means that rank tracking is in progress for the keywords and you should check the report later in the day for results.

If you're using one of our rank reporting APIs, they return a dash "-" in the rank field when no value is available.

Note: the 500+ option was deprecated in January 2018

Also refer to DATA: No Data Issues

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