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Campaign Rank Change Email Alerts

Receive email notifications of campaign rank changes customized to your specifications.  Rank Change reports include:
  • Campaign Name & URL
  • Search Engine
  • Keyword
  • Current Rank
  • Rank Change
  • Search Volume
Select the frequency, campaigns, and type of change rules that you want to trigger a Rank Change Report to be sent to you daily, weekly or monthly.

If your SEO software package allows for multiple users, you should take advantage of that feature and create user logins for each person who is authorized to manage rank tracking campaigns, client dashboards, white-label PDF reports, profiles, and/or links. When an authorized user logs in and accesses the Email Notifications screen, they are able to create notifications that will be sent to their email address. If everyone uses the account default login, email notifications are only sent to the account default email address.

Settings are located in the Campaigns> Email Notifications section of Rank Ranger.

Rank Change Email Notification

Rank Change Report

Email Notification of Campaign Rank Change

A report like this can be sent to your email address.

Rank Change Email Notification

Report Results Explained

There are a few circumstances that can cause a dash (-), question mark (?), or number in parentheses (7) to display in your rank change report.

Rank Change report explained

In the above example, it's easy to see that "fast weight loss" has moved up 16 positions to the #1 ranked position on Bing USA, and that "weight watchers" dropped 11 positions down to the #20 rank on Yahoo USA.

A question mark ? signifies that RangerBot is unable to calculate the difference between the previous rank and current rank; most likely because the previous rank did not fall within the maximum number of results tracked. In the example above, we're viewing a weekly rank change report and the keyword "weight loss plans" dropped from the top 100 results in Bing USA search a week prior to the report date, and then recovered in the number 1 rank position on the report date.  This may have been due to a number of factors including campaign settings changes, a Bing algorithm change or experiment at a particular data center, or even highly aggressive competitors.

A dash - indicates that the keyword is not ranking at all within the maximum supported results tracked by each search engine (refer to our current list of supported search engines for rank depth and additional information). And the number in parentheses above (7) indicates that "weight watchers" had been in rank position 7 on Bing USA a week before the report was run, but on the report date was not ranking at all.


Create a Rank Change Alert

Campaign Rank Email Notification Settings
  • Set Status to On (and slide to Off if you want to pause or stop email notification)
  • Select the email notification frequency: Daily, Weekly, or Monthly
  • Select All Campaigns or check only the campaigns for which you want to receive notifications.

Email Notification Settings
Rank Change Rules

Select the Rank Change Rules to be applied to each individual campaign.

Email Notification Rank Change Rules

Rank Change Rule options include:

  • Any Change: enter the number of rank positions
  • Positive Change: enter the number of rank positions
  • Negative Change: enter the number of rank positions
  • Rank Reached top: enter the top position number
  • Rank Dropped from top: enter the position number
  • Rank Dropped or Reached from/to top: enter the position number
Click the Save button and watch your inbox for rank change notification reports from

Whitelist Rank Ranger Email

Important: Please whitelist to ensure that your email alerts don't get labeled as spam or blocked by your email server.

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