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Why are my white label PDF reports missing data?

PDF Reports Missing Data

White Label PDF reports are generated based on two variables, automated scheduling settings and individual report content settings. If a PDF report is received with data missing, please check the following settings:

Automated Scheduling Settings
Confirm that the Frequency and Day of Week are not in conflict with the individual report's date rules. 

automated PDF scheduling

Report Date Rules
In the scenario of the weekly report scheduled to be sent weekly on Friday, these Date rules settings are in conflict:
Show Report data of the last 2 weeks ending on Saturday of this week.  This will result in a report generating on Friday with no rank data for this week because Saturday hasn't yet happened at that time. 

PDF report date rules

Causes of Blank Reports
Check the PDF Report Content screen and confirm that a Campaign has been set for the specific report. If not set hover over the Report element and click the wheel icon to set up the campaign.

campaign missing

Set the Campaign

Set Campaign

Third Party Data Reports Blank
In the case of third party data reports and graphs (e.g., website analytics, webmaster tools, social analytics, and a variety of other integrations), if the PDF report displays a title with no data below it or a faded report or graph image, that means the integration is not valid. It may not have been authorized, or authorization may have been revoked (by the account owner), or expired. Confirm correct connection in the corresponding Campaign Connect screens. You may need to renew or create a new authorized connection (learn more...)    

third party integration missing

If you have confirmed all of the above settings and are still experiencing an issue, please contact with the account username, PDF report name, and a description of the issue you have experienced.

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