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Migrating from HTTP to HTTPS

FAQ: When migrating my site from HTTP to HTTPS, do I need to make any changes to my Rank Ranger campaign settings?

Campaign Settings changes when migrating to HTTPS

When you migrate a website from HTTP to HTTPS, if your campaign General Settings tracking mode is set to Default or Explicit Domain Count, then you do not need to change anything in the campaign Rank Tracker settings. Those tracking modes cause Rank Ranger to deliver results for the website's HTTP, HTTPS, sub-domains and sub-directories.

Website Default Tracking Mode

Default domain tracking

Website Exact URL Tracking Mode

If you are  using the Exact URL tracking mode with a full URL such as this:
then you need to change the http:// to https:// in the Website Address field and click the Save button.

Exact URL tracking mode for sub-directory

Does HTTPS Migration Affect Search Console Settings?

When you migrate your site from HTTP to HTTPS you will need to change your Search Console settings to the https version because Google considers each version of the website (i.e.,,,, etc.) as separate properties. After Google has completed their crawl of the HTTPS, Search Console will stop providing data for the HTTP version and so you will need to disconnect the old HTTP and connect the HTTPS in our Campaign Settings > Webmaster Tools screen for each campaign that is changed.

Update Search Console Settings
After Google completes their crawl of the HTTPS version of the website, open the campaign settings > webmaster tools screen and click the Disconnect button next to the website address.

Disconnect old search console website property

Then select the HTTPS property and click the Connect button.

Campaign Settings > Webmaster Tools

Search Console Archived Data

If you have enabled the Historical Data Storage option prior to changing to HTTPS, that archived Search Console data will remain intact and begin fresh for the new version of the site.

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