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What is the best method for tracking local SEO?

Rank Tracking for Local Search Results

We provide multiple options for tracking local search, allowing you to choose the method(s) that best match your local SEO and rank reporting goals.

Search Engine Options

Choose from a Google country (e.g., USA), Google Local, Google Mobile, Google Maps or Google Local Finder search engine to a campaign.

USA Search Engines

  • Google Local is Google USA with a custom location setting. This was added to provide the option of having more than one Google USA search engine tracking in a campaign when multiple locations are desired.

    Google Local Search Engines

  • Google Mobile can be set with custom location.
  • Google Maps can be set with custom location and may include results based on the surrounding pin locations. 
  • Google Local Finder is a newer search engine that provides an alternative to Maps model and is based on changes that Google has recently made in the way they deliver local results to some markets. 

Custom Location Settings

Follow the steps in this documentation to customize the search engine for a specific location.

custom location settings

Local Pack Settings

You can include or exclude Google Local Pack in the organic rank count for your keywords. The default is set to exclude. If you enable this option, you should also enter the Google My Business page name in these settings because Google does not always include the website URL in the local pack, but if you include the GMB page name, our system can try to match that.

Google My Business

There is also an option to exclude local pack in the rank count if your primary domain / Google My Business name does not rank in the local pack.  Please refer to this documentation for more information on how the rank is calculated when this feature is enabled.

Geo-location Keywords

Add keywords for each location to your campaign, for example:
  • digital marketing agency st. louis
  • digital marketing agency springfield
  • digital marketing agency kansas city 
In this example, you could select Google USA, and add a custom location of Missouri.

If the campaign tracks rank for multiple states you could select a Google USA search engine and add the city (e.g., ice cream nashville) or in a case where a city name might apply to multiple states, then you could add city, st in the keyword (e.g., ice cream charleston, sc).
Campaign Settings > Keywords

geo location keywords

If specific landing pages have been optimized for location-based keywords, you have the option to add Target URLs to the keywords.

Target URLs per Keyword

add target URLs

Enabling Targeted URLs column (Report Options > Domains) in the Rank Dashboard report provides an indicator of landing page match to the target URL.

Rank Dashboard with Target URL indicator

Rank Dashboard with Target URL feature

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