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Link Distribution

The Link Distribution report provides a graphic presentation of link status, geo location of links, monthly gain, and anchor text.

Page rank distribution has been removed from this report because Google officially cancelled public access to PageRank data in April 2016.

Link Distribution Report

Link Distribution Status

Link Status

The Link Status section of the report includes the total number of Links, unique IP addresses, domains and score, along with a breakdown of the link validity.

Link Status section of Link Distribution report

Links Geo Location Chart & List

Geo Location Link Distribution

The Geo Location table provides a breakdown of the country location of link source pages and the pie chart displays the percentage of total that each country represents (hover over the pie chart for country name).

Link Geo Location Distribution

Links Monthly Gain Graph

Monthly Gain

The Monthly Gain graph provides the number of links added per month during the report date range and based on selected filters.
Monthly Links gained

Link Anchor Text Chart

Anchor Text Distribution

This pie chart provides a visual breakdown of link anchor text during the report date range and based on any filters selected in Report Options.
Anchor text distribution

Report Options

Link Dashboard Dates


  • View All or filter results by Date Created, Start Date or Expiration Date and select a date range.
Link Dashboard General Settings

General Settings:

  • Title: enter a custom Title to be centered at the top of your report (optional)
Show or Hide report sections:
  • Link Status
  • Geo Location
  • Monthly Gain
  • Anchor Text Chart
Link Dashboard User data


  • Show or Hide User Names
  • Select All, None or individual Users managing links
Link Dashboard Profiles


  • Show or Hide Profile names
  • Select All, None or individual Profiles (which is especially useful if you want to associate links with a rank tracking campaign in white label reports)
Link Dashboard Suppliers


  • Show or Hide Supplier Names
  • Show or Hide Supplier IDs
  • Select All Suppliers or a specific Supplier
Link Distribution Filters


  • Domain (link to): select All or an individual Domain
  • Status: select the Link Status types you want to be displayed in the report
    Valid Link
    Valid Link but anchor text does not match
    Valid Link but marked as no-follow
    Dead Link host not found
    Dead Link does not exist on host
  • Expired: select Yes or No (this is based on the expiration date option set in the individual Link's settings screen)
  • Anchor Text: select All Anchors or a specific Anchor text
  • Link Type: select All, None or a specific type

Click the Apply Changes button.


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