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Keyword Suggestion Tool

The Keyword Suggestion tool can be used to obtain a list of potential keyword phrases to add to your campaign.

Additional Keyword Tools:
Use our Keyword Research Tool and the Keyword Finder if you're looking for search volume, average CPC and/or PPC competition in addition to keyword suggestions.

Keyword Suggestions

Get Keyword Suggestions

Enter and Search for Keyword Suggestions

Enter a topic or phrase and click the search button

Enter and Search for Keyword Suggestions

Review Keyword Suggestion Results

Results display in alphabetical order providing related keyword strings

Review A-Z Keyword Suggestions

Scrolling further down the screen you'll find related keyword strings including numbers 1 through 9

Review Keyword Suggestion Results 1-9


Export Keyword Suggestions

If you'd like to work with the keyword results, you can export them in PDF, CSV or Excel format.

Export Keyword Suggestions to Excel, CSV or PDF

Prepare the Keyword Suggestions file for import

If you export to Excel, you can work in the file and then import the keywords to one of your campaigns by following these simple steps:
  • Delete the main Keyword column (A in the example below)
  • Delete the rows containing any keywords that you don't want to add to your campaign
  • Change the column title from "Suggestion" to "keyword"
  • Optional: add column titles "tags" and/or "volume" (for local search volume if you have it recorded) and enter the corresponding data
  • Save the file

Work with Keyword Suggestions in Excel

Keyword Import Example

Here's an example of what your finished spreadsheet might look like.

Bulk Import Keyword Data example

Add Suggested Keywords to a Campaign

Bulk Import Keyword Suggestion Results

To import the keyword suggestions after working with them in Excel and saving that file, open the Campaign > Keywords screen and scroll down to the Bulk Import or Update Keyword Data section at bottom, then click the Upload button. Follow the instructions on the screen to complete the import process.

Bulk Import Suggested Keywords 

OR - Copy and Paste Keyword Suggestions into Campaign

If you want to add only a few of the suggested keywords to your campaign, simply copy and paste them into the Add Keywords field of the Campaigns > Keywords screen and click the Add button.

Add Keywords to campaign

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