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DATA: Keyword Search Volume

How is keyword Search Volume determined?

The Search Volume displayed in Rank Ranger reports represents the accumulated total monthly number of times people have searched for the tracked keywords, and is based on Google’s Keyword Planner tool for all locations and all language settings.  If you have access to a Google AdWords account you can obtain local search volume for your keywords - here are Google's instructions for how to use the Google Keyword Planner to find Local Search Volume.

When new keywords are added to a campaign, the system queries and updates the search volume (this can take a few minutes or a few days depending upon the number of search volume queries that are in the queue).

Rank Ranger allows you to manually adjust the displayed Volume in any campaign based on your location and traffic preferences:
  • Open Campaign Settings > Keywords
  • Hover over the number in the Vol. column and click the edit icon
  • Enter the local volume and click the check mark to save
This can also be accomplished using the bulk keyword import option, refer to the Bulk Import Keywords documentation for more information and screenshots.

Once the search volume has been established for your keywords, Rank Ranger will not update the values. You may update them as described above or if you wish to revert to the global keyword volume, you may individually or bulk select the keywords and click the Reset Search Volume button (refer to Change Search Volume documentation).

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