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Keyword Research Tool

The Keyword Research tool is a gateway to related keywords, search query questions, related topics and keyword finder results for any keyword. In addition to a list of keyword ideas, the report sections can include: 
  • Vol. is Google's average search volume*
  • Avg CPC is the average cost-per-click in Google Ads
  • Keyword Difficulty (KD) is a predictive score from 0 to 100 reflecting how difficult it would be for a site to rank for the keyword vs. competitors. Learn more...
  • Relevance rating indicates how relevant a keyword is based on the number of times Google mentioned it in Related Search. 
  • Similarity rating reflects how textually similar the search results are to the keyword.
  • Country-specific data when it exists in our database.

* We query Google one time per day for search volume, so, depending upon the time of day you submit a request for a keyword that only has global volume in our database - or doesn't exist in our database - it could take anywhere from 10 minutes to 24 hours for that keyword to be researched across the country-based search engines and display in the tool.

This tool can be accessed by clicking a keyword link in the Keyword Insights report or navigating to Reports > SEO > Keyword Explorer.

keyword research tool

Reports&Tools > Keyword Research


Keyword Research Summary Report

Gateway to Keyword Ideas
Entering a keyword and clicking the search icon launches a summary report filled with keyword ideas ranging from related search to questions, related topics and the keyword finder
  • Access to more Keywords: click the View all link at the top of any table to expand the list for that category of keywords.
  • Access Country-specific results: if data exists for multiple countries, you can click on a country flag at the top of the table to filter the report for a specific country. 
  • Filter and Sort: click the arrows next to the column headings to sort the report by keyword, search volume, Avg CPC, keyword difficulty or relevance in ascending or descending order. 

keyword research tool full report

Related Keywords Analysis

Related Search Phrases
Google often provides "searches related to [keyword]" at the bottom of the SERP.  With this tool, you can analyze the quality of related keywords based on your target audience and content style and type.

Related keywords analysis

Research Question Search Terms

People Also Ask
Utilizing questions (and answering them) in your content can lead to Google providing your site's answer in a Featured Snippet or People Also Ask box, so this keyword research tool provides a list of questions related to the keyword you enter.

Question Keywords

Discover Related Topics

Semantically Related Keyword Phrases
Utilizing a semantic view, the relationship between words produces related topics that can be used to craft content in a way that can help search engines better understand the meaning of your content and consider ranking it higher in the SERPs. This report can be sorted by search volume, cost per click and keyword difficulty score to produce a list of high quality related topics.    

related topic keywords

Keyword Finder Results

Advanced Filters and Sorting
When you click the Keyword Finder button in the Keyword Research report results, it launches for the search term and you can apply filters and sorts to create a keyword list based on your specifications. Learn more about Keyword Finder's filters and sort options.

Keyword Finder

Build Keyword Lists

Add Keyword to a Campaign or Create Keyword Lists and add to rank tracking campaigns
Keyword can be added directly to campaign or the keyword lists can be created while working in the Keyword Research tool. Learn how to create and work with Keyword Lists...

Keyword Lists

Keyword Lists

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