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Instagram Analytics Report

The Instagram Analytics report provides the data needed to analyze social KPIs, monitor trends, and measure engagement, plus includes the flexibility to add specific report sections to white label dashboards and PDF reports for sharing with clients and coworkers. Sections include:
  • Social Account Header 
  • Top Graph (with or without labels)
  • Age & Gender Charts
  • Top Countries & Followers Online
  • Posts Summary
  • Stroy Summary
Integrate your Instagram account with Rank Ranger and connect it to a rank tracking campaign to access this Instagram Analytics report.
Instagram Analytics Report

Located in Reports & Tools > Digital Marketing > Social Media


Trend Followers, Following, or Total Posts

Top Graph for Trends Analysis
In the Report Options Date settings, you may select to compare to past (the red line in this example) and in Social Analytics settings you can select from a variety of key metrics to trend in this graph. 
top graph

Audience by Age and by Gender       
Audience chart by Age and chart by Gender
In this section, two charts are displayed one broken down by Age and another one broken down by Gender


Top Countries and Followers Online        
In this section, the two charts are displayed one with break down by Top 5 countries and another one by Followers Online. If there is no data then the chart will display no data.


Post Summary

In this section, the images of the 5 top posts will display with a number of Reach, Likes, Comments, and Engagement for each post.


Story Summary

In the Story Summary section, the images of the 5 top stories will display with a number of Reach, Likes, Impressions, and Engagement for each story.
Performance totals

Report Options



  • Date: select a date range
  • Compare to Past (optional): this setting applies to the Top Graph, Lifetime Totals, and Performance Totals report sections. To enable this setting, check the box and select one of the options:
    • Previous Period
    • Calendar Month
    • Same Time Last Year
    • Custom Date (and select the date range)


  • Custom Report Title (optional): enter the text you want to be displayed at the top of the report
  • Report Sections: enable or disable the view of the following sections:
    • Social Account Header: this is the logo thumbnail and account name as displayed in the Twitter account
    • Top Graph: trend graph that displays at the top of the report
    • Graph Labels: show or hide the display of metric numbers in the top graph
    • Age & Gender Charts: show or hide the charts for the audience by age and by gender breakdown
    • Top Countries & Followers Online: show or hide the chart for the audience by top countries breakdown
    • Posts Summary: show or hide 5 latest post images and their metrics (Reach, Likes, Comments, and Engagement)
    • Stroy Summary: show or hide 5 latest stories with their metrics (Reach, Likes, Impressions, and Engagement)
social key metric

Key Metric

Select one metric to display in the top graph
  • Followers
  • Following
  • Total Posts
Click the Apply Changes button

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