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How can I delete a campaign?

Campaigns can be deleted in the Campaign General Settings screen.

Deletion is permanent, all data will be lost and encourage you to run and download a Campaign Rank Backup prior to deleting a campaign.

Campaign Settings

Delete a Campaign

Campaign Settings

Access the Campaign General Settings screen

  • While viewing a report, click the gear icon and select Campaign Settings.
  • From the Campaigns Home screen, click the gear icon corresponding to the campaign
Delete Campaign

Confirm the campaign

  • Review and confirm this is the correct campaign.
  • Click the Advanced Settings button
Delete Campaign

Delete the campaign

  • Scroll to the bottom of the page and click the Delete Campaign button.
Note: Enterprise packages have an archive option that should be considered rather than deletion.
Delete Campaign Confirm deletion
  • Review the warning message and if you agree that you understand that all data will be lost, click the Yes button to complete the deletion of the campaign.

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