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Getting Started with Rank Ranger (Videos)

These videos are intended to be a quick start guide for using Rank Ranger. Please refer to our Documentation Center for more specific instructions regarding setup, third-party integration and individual reports.

Important! The Rank Ranger user interface was updated with a more intuitive navigation system and we do plan to eventually update this video documentation to reflect those change, however, there are many new developments on the horizon so the videos will be updated after we launch those very soon.  Please access the related documentation below each video for screenshots and step-by-step instructions.

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Create a Rank Tracking Campaign

This video is intended to be a quick start guide, please refer to the settings descriptions, and step-by-step instructions in the our campaign creation documentation for complete details regarding rank tracking campaign optimization.

Campaigns Pro View, Classic & Screenshot Views

After you've created your first campaign, the first screen you'll see when logging into Rank Ranger provides a convenient view of all of the Campaigns in your account.  This screen can be customized to display campaign data in the format each individual account user prefers, learn how...

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Using the Rank Track Dashboard

This video demonstrates how to utilize the Track Dashboard for maximum efficiency.

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Create a White Label PDF Report

This video demonstrates how to set up and customize your first Automated White Label PDF report that will automatically be sent weekly, monthly or quarterly to the email address(es) you enter.

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Create a Cover Page Template for White Label PDF Reports

This video demonstrates how to create a Cover Page Template that can be applied to any number of Automated White Label PDF reports. Using merge fields you can create a professional and personalized cover page to impress the recipients of your branded SEO reports. 

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Customize White Label Client Portal

This video demonstrates how to create a Customize your White Label Portal through which individual clients or managers can view your branded SEO reports in a web interface. 

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Market Reach Report Tutorial

Rank Ranger's Market Reach Report helps you determine your market reach and provides insight into your "Not-Provided" keywords from Google Analytics.

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How to Track YouTube Videos on Rank Ranger

Many companies have Vimeo & YouTube Channels that can become a source of business activity and so it’s important to do Video SEO tracking to determine how those videos are ranking for target keywords. In this video we’ll show you how simple it is to set up a video rank tracking campaign in Rank Ranger.

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Add Your Logo to SEO Reports

Brand automated PDF reports and white label web portals by adding your account logo, and even individual campaign logos, in a few simple steps.

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