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How can I get access to Rank Ranger's API?

We offer a variety of developer API options ranging from stand-alone search intelligence plans to API service that can be added to our rank tracking platform plans for account and data management, rank data and research methods.

How to Obtain API Access

If you'd like to help determining which of our API plans is most appropriate for your needs, contact our service team and an account manager will be happy to assist you.

If you already have a Rank Ranger plan and see an error message when accessing the Account Settings > API & Connected Apps screen, then to obtain API access you will need to upgrade to a package that includes API access by completing a custom package request form or contacting Rank Ranger support with your requirements.

If your company has API services included in a plan and you aren't able to access the screen, contact your company's Rank Ranger account administrator to request that your user permissions be set to include access to the Account Settings > API & Connected Apps screen.

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