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What can I do with Link Manager?

Link Manager lets you:
  • Import and export important link details
  • Attach link-related files (e.g., backlink agreements, invoices, etc.)
  • Analyze expenses, user activity & suppliers' performance
  • Track backlink status (e.g., validity of link, anchor text, nofollow, etc.)
  • View SEO stats & metrics for the backlink source page
  • Archive links for future use
Our Link Manager is a tool for you to track the status of links that you have added to our system - backlinks that you have achieved through link exchange, paid links, promotions, news articles, etc. (it is not a link discovery tool).

Set Campaign to track Links in Pro View

It is recommended to assign every link to an associated campaign in order to display a correct Link Manager Campaign based report in the Campaign Pro View

1. Assign Campaign to a link

In Reports & Tools > Organic Search > Link Manager > Links open the Link Details screen for the link by clicking on the pencil under the Actions column. If not assigned initially when the link was added.

Assign Campaign to the Link

2. Access the Link Manager Report in Campaign Pro View

In the Campaign Pro View Click on the Display settings on the right top corner and scroll to Link. Switch toggle on to Enable the Link Manager Report and click Update

Campaign Pro View Link Management Report

Profiles for Rank & Backlink Reporting

Profiles can be used to link a rank tracking campaign to a tracked backlink, or group of links, for presentation in PDF reports, Marketing Dashboards, or Client Dashboards. After creating a profile:

1. Set the Rank Tracking Campaign Profile

In the Campaign General Settings screen
  • Click the Advanced Settings button 
  • Select the Profile from the list
  • Click the Save button.

2. Set the Link Profile

In Reports & Tools > Organic Search > Link Manager > Links open the Link Details screen for the link by clicking on the pencil under the Actions column (or do this while creating the link by clicking +Add Link):

Link Details screen

  • Select the Profile from the list
  • Click the Save button. 

Link Details screen

Bulk Update Link Profiles

Updating link profiles can be accomplished quickly by filtering the links in Reports & Tools > Organic Search > Link Manager > Links, and then: 
  • Select the links that need a profile update
  • Click the Bulk Actions button
  • Select the Profile
  • Click the Assign Profile button

bulk update link profile

Define the Link Settings for a Rank Tracking Campaign

After adding profiles to links you can create default report settings for each campaign (this only needs to be done once). When you open the Link Dashboard report report:
  • Select the rank tracking Campaign Name in the top right toolbar
  • Expand Report Options and select the Profile for that campaign (and any other display settings you want)
  • Click Apply Changes

  • Expand Report Options and create Default Report Settings for that campaign by hovering over the Save icon and selecting Campaign. 

  • You can then save the same settings as Client Dashboard default for that campaign.

After setting the default for each campaign, when you toggle between campaigns in the top right toolbar, only the links that you've connected to each campaign via a profile will display in the report.  You can then add that report with those settings to a PDF Report or Marketing Dashboard by hovering over the gear icon in the report tool bar and selecting the option you want.

Link Manager File Storage in Google Drive

Connect Google Drive with Link Manager for Link-related Documents

Connecting a Google Drive to your Link Manager will allow you to attach files (e.g., invoices, link exchange agreements, etc.) to individual Link records.
  • After connecting a Google Drive account to your Rank Ranger account, open the Account Settings > Default Tool Settings screen
  • Expand the Link Manager section
  • Select a Drive Connection and click the Save button.  When successfully connected, the Google Drive user's name and usage statistics display.
Set Default campaign filter in the report:
  • Set either to Current Campaign or to All Campaigns (which will set a default display setting for the links in the Report Options)
connect Link Manager to Google Drive

Add Files to Link Details

After connecting a Google Drive to Link Manager, open the Reports > Organic Search > Link Manager > Links screen and click the Edit (pencil) icon for an individual link.
Link details

  • Scroll down the screen to the Files & Documents section.
  • Click the Choose File button, navigate to and select the file on your computer.
  • Click the Upload button
Upload link related files

Successful File Upload to Google Drive

When files display in the Files & Documents section of a Link Details screen, they have been successfully uploaded to the Google Drive account connected in the Localization & Settings screen. From here authorized users of the Rank Ranger account can download or delete the files.

Successful Link related file upload to Drive

Google Drive Link Manager Folders

Each individual Link is assigned an ID in the Link Manager and those IDs become the folder names in the Google Drive connected to the Rank Ranger account.  Folders can be shared, renamed and moved to other locations in Google Drive as needed.  Files can be deleted from the Link Details screen by an authorized user* or from Google Drive.

Google Drive Link Folders

*By default, a user can only manage the links s/he created unless "Manage Account Links" permission is granted by the account administrator (refer to Manage Users permissions).

Add Link Notes for display in Rank Reports & Graphs

You can add notes directly from the Link Details screen, associate the note with a rank tracking campaign and even an individual keyword.

Add a Link Note
After a link has been created, you'll see additional functions in the upper right of the Link Details screen: + Add Note and Duplicate buttons. 

Note Details 
Clicking the + Add Note button launches a Notes detail screen with the Description automatically containing the basic information for that link. You may select for the note to display for a single date or date range, choose a color, select a campaign and even a specific keyword to apply the note to. 

Note in Daily Snapshot
In this example hovering over a date that has a colored note indicator displays the text that you place in the note Description field (Notes must be enabled in Report Options).

Visibility Graph
In this example, multiple notes display as color highlights in the Visibility Graph and can be read by hovering over any highlighted area.

The above are just a few examples of reports and graphs that support the display of Notes.

Notes in Link Manager Reports
To create a note for display in a Link Manager reports, enter text in the Additional Information > Notes field and Save. 

Link Dashboard display of Notes
In this example, clicking the Notes icon pops up the display of the note text. 

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