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How is Average Rank Calculated?

Average rank is calculated based on the reporting period (e.g, daily or monthly), filters such as keyword tags and search engine, and average rank rules that are available in select reports and graphs.

Average Rank Reports & Graphs Calculations

In many of the following reports and graphs average rank can be calculated for specific keyword(s), based on keyword tag filters, and for specific search engine(s).

On the Campaigns Pro View home screen, Avg. Ranking displays the average rank for the current day for all keywords.

In the Search Engines report, it is the keyword's average rank on the report date across all the displayed search engines.

In the Average Rank Positions report, the average rank is calculated based only on the keywords that are actually ranking within the maximum supported results tracked by each search engine (refer to our current list of supported search engines for rank depth and additional information).

In the Monthly Snapshot Report, and the Monthly Snapshot Graph, if you select Average Rank in the Date settings, the report provides the average rank position for the month, and the number of days a keyword ranked. For example a result of 6 (27) means that the keyword held an average rank position of 6 and that it ranked for 27 days during the particular month.

The Enterprise Portfolio Average Rank & Visibility Score Report provides average rank for all keywords that have ranked in the top 100 search results in each selected campaign for one calendar month. Additional options include (show/hide) columns displaying the Average Rank per Search Engine with percentage of change, Average Rank Baseline, and Average Rank Change percentage (comparing the baseline average rank and report month average rank) for each campaign.

In the Insight Graph, and Metric Widgets, average rank is the average rank of all campaign keywords combined for the selected time period. When you select the Average Rank metric type, you have a variety of options and filters to utilize including an option to set Average Rank rules.

In the Campaign Export: Rank Snapshot, average rank is the average rank per search engine for all keywords combined on the selected date, and you have an option to set Average Rank rules.

Average Rank Rules

Average Rank Rules

If you want Average Rank calculated differently than actual rank, then enter a Rank Threshold number.

Rank Value: enter the value you want Rank Ranger to use for keyword rank that is higher than the Rank Threshold you've chosen. Keyword rank value will then be calculated based on the number you set in the Rank Value field.
  • Enter 0 if you want the keyword ignored completely when calculating average rank if the keyword's rank is higher than the Rank Threshold you've entered.
  • Leave the Threshold at its default value and Rank Value at 0 to have the actual rank value used in calculating Average Rank, this is our default method.
In the screenshot above, Rank Value is set at less than or equal to rank position 50, with a Rank Value of 51. This combination would cause all keywords ranking in position 51 or above to be counted in position 51 in the Average Rank calculation.

Average Rank API

In addition to reports and graphs, Average Rank can be obtained via API request.

The Average Rank API method returns per keyword average ranking data, along with the minimum and maximum rank achieved by the selected domain for the specified date range.

The Campaign Rank Export API method returns a CSV file of all rank data, including average rank, for all campaign keywords for a single date.  Available options include the application of Average Rank rules, inclusion of specific data columns, competitor data, and multiple campaigns.

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